Critical Event Communications Platform

A fully integrated communication service enabling you to manage a wide range of notifications including email, global SMS, MMS, voice and in-app messages ensuring deliverability using intelligent delivery platforms and features. The platform identifies who needs to be notified and maintains end-to-end tracking of communications.

The Crime Intelligence Database pulls together information which relates to an asset or the immediate location giving a full picture of threats and risks. It includes information from proactive security briefings on upcoming events and protests, major incident and debrief reports, tactical and strategic assessments, hot topics, and asset risk profiles.

  • Car Cruises
  • Environmental
  • Extreme Weather
  • Homelessness
  • Hostile Reconnaissance
  • Human Rights
  • Illegal Raves
  • Industrial Action
  • Major Events
  • Organised Crime
  • Protests & Activism
  • Terrorism
  • Traveller Encampment
  • Transport Disruptions
  • Public Disorder
  • Utility Failures (i.e. Power)

Using the data that is stored in the system, associations and relationships are made between organisations, individuals, and events; helping to pre-empt potential security risks, opportunities for further research and more effective visualisation of how everything links together.

  • Assets
  • Businesses/organisations
  • Contacts
  • Events of interest
  • Offenders
  • Geo-fencing
  • Groups of interest
  • Relationships
  • Staff
  • Social media
  • Witnesses
  • Web data
  • Victims
  • VIPs
  • Vehicles
  • Venues/properties

The system algorithms then calculate the priority and severity of incidents, who needs to be notified, and provides helpful information to the related asset or portfolio incident management hierarchy.

A fully integrated messaging service enables you to send and receive global SMS, MMS, and chat messages, and ensure deliverability using intelligent delivery features. The in-built two-factor authentication service strengthens traditional communication to ensure reponses are made in critical times.

  • Messaging service
  • Push notifications
  • Private in-mail
  • Voice & video calls
  • On-screen alerts
  • Email notifications
  • 2-way messaging
  • Two-factor authenication
  • Priorities and severities
  • Tasks
  • Checklists
  • Video wall displays

All core reports produced by analysts are securely stored in the database in a format that allows easy retrieval of content 24/7 for future use by key decision makers.

A Venue/Site relationship risk matrix is available to add external factors such as incident report summaries, demographics, traffic conditions, available street lighting, access for utilities, linked occupants/tenants to a Site along with automatically (and manually) adding surrounding organisations to the building that could potentially have a risk associated to them (fast food, bars/clubs etc.).

Reliable crisis communications

Synapse pulls all the relevant information together from a wide range of data sources to build realtime clear reports and analysis around a location, establishing priorities and actions more accurately with increased speed and reliably of critical communications in an emergency.

Synapse stores information from various open source data sources, as well as research carried out by analysts, to build a richer picture of groups of interest and help establish their intent, capabilities and threats to your organisations assets, properties, people and the relationships between them

How can Synapse benefit your organisation?

Intelligence Gathering & Alerts

Intelligence Gathering & Alerts

Synapse provides real-time reporting through simple to use, intuitive touch-points and selections. Synapse allows complete management over form templates, validation, communications and actions for each incident type ensuring high quality quantitative data is captured for auditing and compliance purposes.

Location Risk Profiling

Location Risk Profiling

Loss Prevention teams, through the dashboard, have timely information at their fingertips, enabling them to prioritise loss prevention activity, engage with the operational teams and direct the security teams to the areas of significant risk.

Security Operation Centres

Monitoring & Analysis

Pre-empt and advise on all forms of risks and threats to people, operations, and environment of a location. Tailor analysis and recommendations on an location-by-location basis with realtime reporting in a simple and intuitive dashboard format for strategic analysis and monitoring of activity in a fast and efficient manner - all from a centralised location.

Smart Deployment

Smart Deployment

The user selects the type of incident that has occurred which loads dynamic question sets specific to that user’s role and the location being reported. This then triggers customisable automatic workflows ensuring all necessary information is captured in the report as it happens and automatically assigns priority and severity levels in realtime.

Sensitive Information Storage

Sensitive Information Storage

Using the mobile app, users out in the field can easily report a wide range of incident types and also enables the sharing of data via a resource repository to gain quick access to documents, policies, useful links, frequently asked questions, news updates and receive automatic alerts and notifications relating to the individual and current location, helping to streamline and improve their operational efficiencies.

Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications

The communication of reported data is a key aspect of Synapse. Automatic alerts and notifications can be generated, sending notifications to specified contacts using preferred communication channels and also acts as a central operational management system for day-to-day activities such as two-way messaging, issuing of tasks and checklists, viewing of reference documents and reports.

Location driven optimised decision making

In an incident, it is essential to not only know what has already happened but to be able to predict what will happen next to improve your decision making and planning is essential.

Getting decisions right are what gives an organisation competitive advantage, allowing you to systematically answer questions using data and the power of intelligence.

Increase efficiency and effectiveness

The system stores information from social media and other open sources, as well as research carried out by analysts, to build a richer picture of groups of interest and help establish their intent and capabilities.

  • Cutting-edge intelligence gathering and analysis
  • Allowing organisations to "do more with less"
  • Clear reports and analysis
  • Send critical notifications reliably and swiftly
  • Locate staff in an emergency
  • Better predicts potential threats and risks
  • Establish priorities and actions more accurately
  • Optimised decision making

Command and control

The enterprise-level technology used in Synapse presents all the data in a simple and intuitive dashboard format allowing for strategic security analysis, investigation and deployment of personnel in a fast and efficient manner.

Through the dashboard, analysts have timely information at their fingertips, enabling them to prioritise activity, engage with the operational teams and direct the security teams to the areas of significant risk.

Intel Repository

Synapse allows organisations to collaborate together as a community - sharing intel across their platforms including specific types of incidents (such as Traveller movements or protest activity), organised crime groups and critical communications.

This revolutionises the intelligence approach to tackling incidents, threats and organised crime leading to improved strategic security planning for properties, assets and the safety of people.

Key Features

Synapse is utilised within leading security, professional services, property management and support services organisations.

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