Feature focus:
Drag and Drop Dashboard configuration

Customise Your Dashboard with Drag-and-Drop Ease: Personalise, Optimise, and Stay Productive.


The drag, drop, and resize widget feature on a dashboard offers users a highly customisable and intuitive interface. This functionality allows for quick and seamless configuration, enabling users to effortlessly set up and arrange their dashboards according to their specific needs. With flexible customisation options, users can easily adjust widget placement and sizes to optimise their operational dashboards and data visualisation. The feature also supports efficient updates, allowing for easy modifications to existing dashboards and detail pages, thereby reducing configuration and maintenance time. Overall, this enhanced user experience fosters greater satisfaction and engagement through its smooth, user-friendly interface.

Key Benefits:

  • Quick and Seamless Configuration: Effortlessly set up and arrange dashboards, allowing users to focus more on their tasks and less on setup.
  • Flexible Customisation: Offers a wide range of possibilities for widget placement and adjustable sizes, enabling users to create a layout that best suits their workflow and data visualisation needs.
  • Efficient Updates: Easily update existing dashboards and detail pages, significantly reducing the time spent on configuration and maintenance.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Intuitive drag-and-drop functionality provides a smooth, user-friendly interface, improving overall satisfaction and engagement.
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