Changing The Game With Managing And Communicating With Keyholders

In the world of security, a keyholder is a linchpin in an effective security strategy. They are responsible not only for the primary duties of security on the premises, but to be the first port of call in the event of an incident. Efficient management and communication with keyholders is a must-have in order to achieve a quick response and a fast return to business as usual in your operations.

Traditionally, keyholder communications is a flawed process. It relies on outdated practices and prior preparation to begin with, asking employees to search for potentially old contact information in the midst of a crisis situation. With an app-based solution, the process becomes intelligent, streamlined and intuitive.

At Synapse, we thought that there needed to be a better way to contact and manage keyholders in the event of an emergency. Firstly, the basics: a quick, accurate way to provide keyholder details and ensure that they’ve been contacted if required. Whilst completing the initial incident report, your employees will have the information they need to bring a keyholder to the premises and investigate the issue with minimal delay. Depending on client requirements, this can be as simple as a prompt to contact and as much as individual geographical and job title based communication to devices of their choosing.

After an incident report has been submitted and a keyholder notified, the need for an efficient process only increases. Actions need to be taken that are in line with your keyholder handbook and company policies, keeping the individuals involved in the incident safe. With the benefit of real time communications that can supply tasks and checklists as well as easy access to resources, links, and processes based on the incident type, your keyholders and the staff as well as members of the public that may be with them are always supported.

Synapse is a part of the support network from start to finish providing reliable communication, dynamic notifications for locations and access levels, automated conference bridging and an SOS function in the event of a serious escalation. Any developments will trigger additional alerts and escalations based on the incident type.

In the event of an incident, your keyholders need to be able to take quick, informed action in order to do their jobs well. By providing them with a platform that not only ensures that they are always updated, but also supplied with the resources they need at every stage, you’re keeping your business secure.

To work with an organisation who looks at security differently, talk to the Synapse team today. We’ll build a system around your business needs to provide a solution that works every time.

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