Emergency communications

Insight: Push your business forward with emergency communications

Technology has dramatically changed the competitive landscape but effective communication has always been a key component in driving businesses forward. 

According to The McKinsey Global Institute, productivity increases by up to 25% in organisations with “connected employees” whilst 49% of millennials support social tools for workplace collaboration. Good communication can therefore increase morale and improve employee performance, especially when team members are agreed on targets and deadlines, receiving thorough feedback to constantly improve processes. That said, for many growing companies, communication is one of the first areas that fails to scale, and a lack of communication can quickly see employees and departments become disconnected, and this is especially worrying for companies that have to deal with any number of emergency situations on a daily basis, such as:

– Abuse
– Alarm Activations
– Arson
– Assault
– Bomb
– Burglary & Theft
– Break-Ins
– Criminal Damage
– Environmental Emergency
– Fire
– Fraud
– Harassment
– Protests/Activism
– Riots
– Stock Loss
– Suspicious Behaviour
– Threats
– Terrorism

How technology can improve your emergency communications

Without the ability to collaborate and communicate effectively in emergencies, businesses large and small will be unable to prevent shrinkage from cutting into their profits. This is why many organisations are now modernising processes, utilising highly advanced emergency communication systems so that staff can reach all of their relevant team members in just a few seconds, no matter how ‘unlikely’ an incident may be. 

Take our critical communications, notifications and actions platform, Sygnal, as an example. It utilises cutting-edge technology to deliver a fully integrated communication service, enabling businesses to manage a wide range of notifications including email, global SMS, MMS and in-app messages. As important as these channels can be for setting tasks and planning ahead, the platform is designed to identify exactly who needs to be notified in well-defined emergencies, whilst increasing speed, accuracy and reliability to deal with critical events and issues in the best possible way. 

With fast and seamless communication, it becomes much easier to save money and reduce wastage – and that’s exactly why loss prevention teams appreciate Sygnal’s fully integrated conference bridge, which enables you to set up, invite and dial into a live conference bridge, which is often the fastest way to engage and collaborate during a critical event – featuring automated call-in, one-touch dial-in and the ability to broadcast calls to large groups. Sygnal also triggers automatic communications, enabling companies to drill into specific locations to view all of the information associated with the geo-mapped location, such as:

– Key reports
– Escalation information
– Contacts/key staff
– Incident summaries
– Plans and reports
– Triggered communications
– Read receipts and activity
– Location data
– Actions and responses

It’s true that “every second counts” in an emergency but it’s not just the ability to react to situations quickly, efficiently and effectively that keeps businesses moving forwards. It’s just as crucial to anticipate and respond to threats before they become serious emergencies.

Sygnal certainly delivers in terms of proactive planning, allowing users to tailor analysis and recommendations on a location-by-location basis with real-time reporting – in a simple and intuitive dashboard format. This not only ensures staff are well prepared for threats, but it also allows for strategic analysis and monitoring of activity in a fast and efficient manner.

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