Spotlight: Warning Markers & Signals

15th May 2017

More and more of our customers are sending Offender information directly to Police & Government Agencies to aide the research, arrest and/or sanction of Offenders that have impacted customer locations. The Synapse team have been working closely with one of our enterprise customers and launched an "Offender Warning Marker & Signals" facility.

Historically the process involved reporting an Incident and assigning an "Incident Type" (i.e. Violence, Threatening or Aggressive Behaviour etc.) to an Offender. You can still do this, however now you have the option directly tag "Warning Markers & Signals" to Offenders inline with the Police/PNC reporting systems. You can use the generic set of markers or create your own assigning priority and severity levels and quickly tag these to Offenders who are a risk to others enabling you to provide additional security checks, procedures and best practice actions to aide the safety of your staff and customers.

Example generic Warning Markers & Signals:

  • FI – FIREARMS (May possess firearms)
  • WE – WEAPONS (May possess weapons)
  • XP - EXPLOSIVES (May possess explosives)
  • VI - VIOLENT (May resort to violent behaviour)
  • CO - CONTAGIOUS (May be a hazard to others as carrier of disease e.g. HIV)
  • ES - ESCAPER (May attempt to escape from custody)
  • AG - ALLEGES (May make false allegations against Police)
  • AT - AILMENT (May suffer from medical condition or require medication)
  • SU - SUICIDAL (May attempt suicide)
  • MN - MENTAL (Is suffering from a mental disorder)
  • DR - DRUGS (May be in unlawful possession of a controlled drug)
  • IM - M/IMPERS (May impersonate a male)
  • IF - F/IMPERS )May impersonate a female)

This feature will be available to Enterprise Customers immediately. To receive this upgraded feature please contact our support team.

Impact(s): App. Administration & Intelligence Platform
Module(s): Offenders, Vehicles 

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