Spotlight: Activity Wall

17th February 2018

We have been working day and night to launch the interactive Activity Wall, which we are pleased to announce is now available for our Enterprise customers using version 10.2.1 or above.

The Activity Wall is dynamic and visual feed of location-based notifications, alerts and intelligence displayed on your App home page. The Activity Wall can be customised to individual requirements allowing users to personalise their space by turning on/off preferences, assigning locations and most importantly displaying critical content that is relevant to you.

It uses a similar concept adopted by popular social platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook, where a feed of information is displayed in a simple/visual format allowing the user to quickly action where applicable.

What are the key features?

  • "Priority Wall" - A horizontal slide/swipe feed of key information/notifications that is of high importance.
  • "Notification Wall" - A vertical scrolling feed of all historic notififications and content that can be filtered by category/type/severity/date & time periods.
  • "Preferences" - Improve your feed by personalising and customising the notification content you wish to see.
  • "Radius" - Increase the geographic radius of notification content allowing you to view what is happening in a wider area around you.

What can be displayed on your Activity Wall?

  • Manually sent and system generated alerts and notifications.
  • Mandatory reads or required user confirmations.
  • Incident/intelligence reports specific to your location.
  • Linked resources and content updates.
  • Comments and user interactions.

The Synapse team is very excited about the launch of this feature; due to high demand, it will be constantly enhanced and there is development roadmap is in place for the next 12 months. If you have any ideas, improvements or would like this feature implemented on your platform please contact our support team or your Account Mananger.

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