Spotlight: S.O.S Emergency Feature

3rd February 2018

You can now activate an S.O.S Emergency feature on your app. Once activated an S.O.S alert icon appears in the header section of the App, allowing quick access to contact numbers/links to specified incident report types.

The setup is very quick and simple. Via Module Settings simply activate the S.O.S feature and this will allow administrators to add up to 5 emergency contact numbers (i.e. to the Police & Authorities) or links along with restricting the feature to specific user access levels.

Another feature allows administrators to edit and activate specific Incident Types as S.O.S incidents (i.e. common types would be Assault, Terrorism etc.). Once activated, the S.O.S feature provides App users with quick access to these selected incident types, automated geo-locating and trigger various Alerts & Notifications to analysts or specified contact groups.

For assistance in implementing this feature please contact the Synapse Support Team.

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