Synapse & GDPR - Compliance By Design in Technology

27th April 2018

The GDPR is the newest standard in data protection, and as a technology company, it will affect the way that Synapse and our clients work on a daily basis. That’s why we’ve made it a priority to understand and accommodate the new requirements that will come into force at the end of May.

One of the requirements of GDPR is known as Privacy by Design and Default. This is an important element of new regulations that will be a part of our process as standard going forward. Privacy by Design and Default means that data protection no longer becomes an afterthought when delivering technologies - it’s a primary part of the specification. For us, this means building security in.

Everything we build has the capability to be GDPR compliant, from the Synapse app to our Admin247 CMS, as well as every bespoke product that we create as a technology company. We’ve implemented this in many different ways across our platforms, reflecting the unique needs of each of our clients.

When it comes to Synapse, this means that you have the capability to maintain strict access levels that ensure the information your company holds about its users is safe. This could be dependant on job title, IP address, device type or geolocation restriction, so you can entirely tailor your app around the way your business needs to work. What’s more, we enforce a password policy that helps keep your users data safe, compliant with International Securities Standards.

A number of clients have already approached us with a gap analysis, and we’ve been able to help implement the changes they need to become compliant once GDPR comes into effect. Whether you’re a current Synapse user, or you’re looking for a solution that takes data protection seriously, we can help you make the changes you need to become compliant.

In future, the updates and additions we send to Synapse will have undergone a privacy impact assessment to make sure that there won’t be any new features that could put our users at risk. Data protection has always been a priority for us here at Synapse, but it is now becoming a fundamental part of what we do every day.

The long-term aim of the EU when implementing GDPR was that organisations would no longer consider data protection an afterthought, but simply a step in the process of speccing and developing a product. This is also Synapse’s goal, and every day we learn more to help us achieve it.

Innovation means more to us than ideas. To the team at Synapse, innovation is about making our product as forward-thinking as possible. That’s the reason that we’re always developing new functions and listening to your feedback, and it’s the reason we hope to make the way we handle data as cutting edge as our technology.

Helping customers protect what matters to them.

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