Our SBD membership will support the introduction of SYNAPSE to a wider audience as well as enable us to collaborate with security and risk experts

Zinc Systems ‘Zinc’, an award-winning software specialist have joined the official police security initiative, Secured by Design (SBD).

Zinc is an entrepreneurial, British organisation focused on an award-winning software platform called SYNAPSE ‘Analyst’; a product designed to solve the challenges of risk management, business continuity and organisational resilience.

The product is Government approved, ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials accredited. hosted on Amazon Web Services and holds all the necessary infosec policies required to operate at enterprise level.

Following vigorous product testing and auditing by an accredited third-party organisation, Zinc Systems have achieved SBD’s Police Preferred Specification (PPS) for the suite of SYNAPSE ‘Analyst’ products, which cover the full spectrum of risk management including.

  • Incident reporting for any event
  • Automated & customised workflows, tasks and forms
  • Integrated mapping and visualisation
  • Alerts, briefing and mass communication.
  • Risk Assessments, Checks and Audit
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • Integrated Intelligence Threat Monitoring 
  • Patrol and asset verification
  • Mobile applications 

For over 30 years, Secured by Design’s product-based accreditation scheme – the Police Preferred Specification has and continues to provide a recognised standard for all security related products that can both deter and reduce crime. SBD work alongside a range of manufacturers and standards authorities to ensure that security standards are current and up to date with emerging criminal trends.

With over 30,000 active users and over 5,000,000 incidents reported annually, Zinc is trusted by some of the world’s leading organisations including Amazon Studios, 22 Bishopsgate, National Business Crime Solution, Graff Diamonds, City of London Police, the City Security Council, the Environment Agency, and JD Group, providing a customisable framework and user-friendly solutions for all sectors of business, both here in the UK and globally. 

SYNAPSE ‘Analyst’ is the very latest Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for the management and analysis of risk, giving teams all the tools, they need, in one place. This customisable and integrated suite of products enables organisations to optimise operations relating to the safe, compliant, and controlled handling of incidents, critical events, and compliance activities.

Let’s meet the SYNAPSE family.


Designed using advanced technologies, analytics and AI, ‘Command’ enables multiple sets of data to be captured, stored, and analysed in real time. 

With all the modules living under one roof, you can easily customise your solution. ‘Command’ enables operators to quickly take control of any event, proactively identify vulnerabilities, safeguard employees, maintain compliant processes and streamline communication.

Supporting your teams to focus on what matters the most.


Communicate and operate ‘on the go’, Reporter will empower your field teams with data at their fingertips. With on and offline capability, and advanced mobile-ready features teams can rapidly report incidents, respond to critical events and conduct their tasks and audits. 

Never has it been easier to connect.


Providing proof of presence and patrol verification, Verify supports teams to schedule, dispatch, conduct and verify compliance activities and patrols. It drives clear action helping to improve the quality of reporting, raise safety standards and compliance across the organisation.

Compliance at your fingertips


Confidently make risk management decisions and enhance your crisis response with ‘Horizon’. Fully integrated with SYNAPSE Horizon integrates and partners with risk vendors (OSINT and Dark Web) enabling a layer of intelligence to be mapped around your assets, presenting you the latest intelligence on physical risks impacting global business, regional stability, and dark web (not sure how to explain this). 

Making the unexpected, expected


Console provides you with all the tools needed to administer and customise and evolve your platform at your own pace and requirements. You will always enjoy the benefits of being on the latest version of the platform, all the latest features and tools can be activated from within Console to provide you with continuous improvements to your service.

Be in control and evolve at your own pace.


Creating a connected world. Marketplace allows you to connect multiple platforms together with a real-time API allowing 3rd party data sources to push and pull data from our central database providing connectivity, flexibility and scalability.

Synapse plays nicely with others

Delivering end-to-end incident, crisis and threat management for any type of event SYNAPSE pulls in accurate data and intelligence from multiple channels, and can automate many of the key security processes by analysing and prioritising what’s important supporting teams through the entire lifecycle of preparation, response and recovery as well as business-as-usual operations for crisis and emergency preparedness. 

Secured by Design is owned by the UK Police Service and works to improve the security of buildings and their immediate surroundings, with the specific aim to reduce crime and help people live more safely. SBD is the only way for companies to obtain police recognition for security-related products in the UK.

Stephen Shackell, Director of Intelligence and Risk commented: “We are delighted to have achieved Secured by Design’s Police Preferred Specification for Zinc System’s ‘SYNAPSE Analyst’ suite of products”.

Stephen continued: “As a team we are focused on how we can support organisations and communities to manage risk and create safer environments for us all to work, live and socialise in. Our SBD membership will support the introduction of SYNAPSE to a wider audience as well as enable us to collaborate with security and risk experts. All of which will strengthen SYNAPSE providing a progressive solution to the risk and crime challenges that we all face”.

The full range of Zinc’s products that carry the SBD logo can be found here.

Doug Skins, Development Officer at Secured by Design added: “Zinc Systems have an impressive range of high-quality security products, we are delighted to continue working alongside them for many more years to come”.

Doug Skins, Development Officer at Secured by Design added: “Zinc Systems have an impressive range of high-quality security products, we are delighted to continue working alongside them for many more years to come”.

With over one million homes built to SBD standards, witnessing reductions in crime of up to 87%, SBD plays a hugely significant role in the process of designing out crime by good design. As a result, sustainable reductions in crime have been witnessed each and every year.

Secured by Design was established over 30 years ago and works with many partner organisations ranging from the Home Office, Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, right through to local authorities, housing associations, architects, developers and manufacturers. SBD also maintains close links with standards authorities and certification bodies to ensure it remains up to date with emerging criminal trends.

By working closely with the aforementioned local authorities and registered housing associations, as well as builders and developers, SBD can ensure that their police crime prevention standards are incorporated in builds from the initial concept and design stage, right through to construction and completion.

Police forces throughout the UK have specially trained Designing Out Crime Officers (DOCOs) who offer police designing out crime and Secured by Design advice free of charge.

There are currently many hundreds of SBD member companies producing thousands of attack resistant crime prevention products across 30 different crime categories. See the full range of SBD member companies and their product categories here.

Contact Zinc Systems:

T: 01604598989

E: info@zinc.systems

W: www.zinc.systems

Contact Secured by Design:

T: 02038623999

E: enquiries@police-cpi.co.uk 

W: www.securedbydesign.com

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