Critical Communications, Notifications & Actions Platform

Sygnal provides a fully integrated communication service enabling you to manage a wide range of notifications including email, global SMS, MMS, and in-app messages ensuring deliverability using intelligent delivery platforms and features. The platform identifies who needs to be notified and maintains end-to-end tracking of communications during major incidents, critical events and day-to-day operational needs.

A fully integrated communication service enabling you to manage a wide range of notification types ensuring deliverability using intelligent delivery platforms and features. The platform identifies who needs to be notified and maintains end-to-end tracking of communications.

  • Messaging service
  • Push Notifications
  • Activity Wall
  • Private In-Mail
  • Toaster Notifications
  • Dialogue Box
  • Mandatory Reads
  • User Confirmations
  • SMS (Text)
  • MMS (Media)
  • Email & SMTP
  • Voice Calling
  • Video Calling
  • WhatsApp Integration
  • Repeated Send
  • Scheduled Sends
  • Preferred Methods
  • Broadcast Cycles
  • Linked Resources
  • Location Tracking

The reported incident data is automatically processed with in-built algorithms calculating:

  • Priority and severity levels
  • Who needs to be notified
  • Escalation lists
  • Linking of useful resources
  • Data cross-referencing
  • Overlaying of 3rd party data
  • Trending and mapping
  • Forecasting activity

Furthermore, Sygnal triggers automatic communications enabling you to drill into a specific location or area to view all connected information to the geo-mapped location, displaying:

  • Key reports
  • Escalation information
  • Contacts/key staff
  • Incident summaries
  • Plans and reports
  • Triggered communications
  • Read receipts and activity 
  • Actions and responses

The Sygnal platform provides everything you need to create comprehensive workflows, assign, schedule and track task progress from start to finish and act as a central operational management system for day-to-day activities such as two-way communications, issuing of tasks and checklists, scheduling of activities all completed through a simple to use, intuitive touch-points and selections.

  • Individual/Team Tasks
  • Dynamic Workflows
  • Task Templates
  • Deadlines & Priorities
  • Geo-Fence Triggered Tasks
  • Allocation of Online Forms
  • 2-Way Notes & Comms
  • Operational Tasks
  • Task Dependencies
  • Workflow Tasks
  • Digital Signatures
  • User Confirmations

Using the data that is stored in the system, associations and relationships are made between organisations, individuals, and events; helping to pre-empt potential security risks, opportunities for further research and more effective visualisation of how everything links together.

  • Assets
  • Businesses/organisations
  • Contacts
  • Events of interest
  • Offenders
  • Geo-fencing
  • Groups of interest
  • Relationships
  • Staff
  • Social media
  • Witnesses
  • Web data
  • Victims
  • VIPs
  • Vehicles
  • Venues/properties

Allowing users to amend their preferences within the mobile and web app to customise their experience. Configurations include content/alert preferences, location-based radius settings, responses, notification method priorities, management of tasks, live tracking of activity and the self-administration of personal data. Features include:

  • Secure Login
  • Content Personalisation
  • Settings Preferences
  • Geo-Location Tracking
  • Activity Wall
  • Notifications & Inbox
  • SOS Function
  • Live Chat & Calls
  • Conference Bridge
  • Contact Directory
  • Commenting
  • Access Levels & Roles
  • Location Radiuses
  • Delivery Reports
  • Audit Reporting
  • Live Tracking

Sygnal's communication analytics enables you to dive into the statistics of individual notifications and see relevant data including opens, clicks, bounces, blocks, and drops. All core reports are securely stored in the database in a format that allows easy retrieval of content 24/7 for future use by key decision makers.

More advanced statistics enables you to see where your messages have been opened, which providers are being sent to, and what devices recipients are viewing your messages on to give you a richer pricture of notification performance and to trigger subsequent communication workflows as necessary.

In addition, you can download statistics to evaluate data internally and gain better visibility into your program.

Reliable critical communications

Sygnal enables you to pull all the relevant information together around a location, establishing who is there, the assets at risk and prioritising communications for increased speed, accuracy and reliability during an emergency.

Sygnal provides real-time reports for analysis, helping you to establish intent, capabilities and threats to help keep your organisation's people and assets safe, informed and operating. Multi-channel capability allows for critical communications to be sent by a wide range of methods:

Alert Bars
Activity Wall

How can Sygnal benefit your organisation?

Intelligence Gathering & Alerts

Incident Alerting 

Sygnal provides real-time alerting through a simple to use and intuitive platform. Sygnal allows complete management over notification templates, triggers, communications and actions for each incident type ensuring fast information is sent to the right people at the right time.

Location Risk Profiling

Duty of Care 

As an organisation and an employer, you have a duty of care to keep your employees safe whilst they carry out their day-today operations. Sygnal gives you the ability to make your staff aware of any activity or incident that may impact what they are doing and to issue warnings, guidance, and instructions accordingly. This keeps your staff safe, and you covered.

Security Operation Centres

Monitoring & Analysis

Anticipate and respond to all risks and threats to people and operations at a location. Tailor analysis and recommendations on a location-by-location basis with real-time reporting in a simple and intuitive dashboard format for strategic analysis and monitoring of activity in a fast and efficient manner.

Smart Deployment

Smart Deployment

By knowing who you have where along with the means to communicate with them, you can successfully build and manage teams remotely and use statistics-led approaches to deploying them. This not only drives efficiencies but reduces the risk of miscommunication and confusion by ensuring only those who need to know are informed.

Sensitive Information Storage

Travelling Employees & Lone Workers 

Using Sygnal's mobile app, employees out in the field can easily send and receive communications relating to their location and current situation. A staff member can receive automatic alerts and notifications of any potential threats or incidents that have occured in their vicinity and can communicate with team members to help formulate warnings, issue briefings and monitor situations.

Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications

Automatic alerts and notifications can be generated, sending notifications to specified contacts using preferred communication channels and also acts as a central operational management system for day-to-day activities such as two-way messaging, issuing of tasks and checklists, viewing of reference documents and reports.

Location driven optimised decision making

During an incident, it is essential that staff not only know what has already happened but also provide continuous communcation, assessment and recommendations to help support actions.

This drives improved decision making, better learnings and actions and helps give an organisation competitive advantage.

Increase communication
efficiency and effectiveness

Sygnal stores all communication activity as well as research carried out by analysts, to build a richer picture of groups of interest and help establish their intent and capabilities.

  • Dynamic location management
  • Cutting-edge communication methods
  • Locate staff in an emergency
  • Utilise a library of pre-populated templates
  • Send critical notifications reliably and swiftly
  • Establish priorities and actions more accurately
  • Two-way communications
  • Clear reports and analysis

Accelerate analysis, actions and
resolutions using a conference bridge

Sygnal's fully integrated conference bridge enables you to set up, invite and dial into a live conference bridge. Conference bridges are sometimes the fastest way to engage and collaborate during a critical event. Features include:

  • Automated call-in function
  • One-touch dial-in within the app
  • Dedicated number and PIN codes
  • Broadcast calls virtually to large groups
  • Instant voice recordings & automated text transcripts
  • Remove or mute callers
  • Review historic calls, assess participation and audit trails 
  • Add linked resources and tag incidents

Key Features

Incident Reporting

Intelligence Database

• Intelligence database
• Unlimited notification types
• Multi-level access control
• Building & people management
• Workflow management 
• Communication templates
• Fully branded
• Platform configuration

Incident Reporting

User App

• Browser web app
• Mobile Installable app
• Intuitive & fast interface
• Send & receive communications
• Location aware
• Tasks & actions
• Preferred communication methods
• User tracking/geo-fencing

Incident Reporting

Communications & Actions

• Crisis communications
• Multi-channel alerts
• Alerts & continued polling
• Priority & severity alerts
• S.O.S.
• Escalations
• Conference bridge
• Mandatory reads

Incident Reporting

24/7 Reporting

• Realtime dashboard
• Site/location reporting
• Estate reporting
• Trending & mapping
• Recipient activity
• Data export
• Performance reports
• Audit trails

Sygnal is utilised within leading security, professional services, property management and support services organisations.

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