Retail stores & supply chain

Protecting people, consumers and profits across retail stores and supply chain.
Demands effective incident and case management.

The retail industry has long been the cornerstone of our economies; however, it faces a set of unprecedented challenges. The rise of violence towards staff, growing complexity of data insight, and a surge in various forms of crime, threaten the safety of staff and customers, but also put substantial financial strain on businesses.

Synapse helps LP and risk leaders to make informed decisions at speed, to avoid unnecessary costly delays. With its user-friendly interface the platform has been designed to enable to capture and consolidation of quality risk data, resolve incidents and cases quickly, streamline communication and apply assurance activities to improve resilience.

Is your retail estate prepared
to operate as a high risk environment?

The digitalisation and unification of critical event management is mission critical, driving compliance and efficiency in the prevention, detection, response and recovery of an incident.


Creating a safe and secure environment

Hammering Home the Importance of Security.
With over 300 stores, B&Q is one of the largest multinational DIY and home improvement companies and have worked closely with Zinc over the last 10 years to evolve how to capture, analyse and report criminal incidents.

"Synapse allows our Crime Centre team to spend their time doing what they do best, engaging with stores, security and law enforcement to ensure we have the best possible chance of a successful prosecution.”

- Simon Moss - B&Q National Security Manager

Winning in Safety, Every Season.
JD Sports is the leading trainer & sports fashion retailer in the UK and through a collaborative effort, Zinc and JD Sports have developed a customised incident and case management system for our global estate.

Focused on staff safety, profit protection and auditing, all JD’s needs have been pulled in to one complete platform. With an eye on the future and ability to bring my vision to live, Zinc was the natural partner for us.

JD Group
- Tim Edwards, Group Profit Protection Director

Flawless Diamonds, Flawless Security.
Graff is a British multinational jeweller with global locations and home to the most fabulous diamonds and jewels in the world.

"We were looking for a global incident and intelligence platform to encompass all our requirements. Synapse allows us to analyse all global threats, which allows us to manage the risks and inform teams of all operational tasks & threats from one very easy to use platform."

Graff Diamonds
- Michael Wright – Global Operations

Trendsetting in Safety and Style.
Next plc is a multinational clothing, footwear and home products retailer with around 500 stores in UK & Eire and 206 franchised stores in 33 countries.

"Our vision… bringing all aspects of our operational company risk under one reporting and management model, applicable anywhere in our business from Store to Distribution Centre to Corporate Office. Having accurate and timely data, with sufficient context, allows myself and other Senior leadership to make sound judgements and risk-led decisions to protect our people, our consumers, and our profit."

- Steve Teatum, Head of Group Loss Prevention

Glamorous Safety & Security
Victoria's Secret is the world's go-to label for giving women everywhere one-of-a-kind lingerie, sleep, beauty and accessories. Next has agreed a joint venture deal with L Brands for the Victoria's Secret UK business.

"Implementation of any system is a challenge in any business and aligning all departments and actions was no easy task - but the team at Zinc were on hand literally day & night to ensure we achieved success."

Victoria's Secret (NEXT)
- Laura Turner - Regional Loss Prevention Manager

Banking on Your Safety and Security.
Virgin Money is a financial services company offering retail and business banking and part of the Virgin Group.

What could have been a daunting and complex mobilisation, turned out to be seamless and enjoyable, we felt engaged every step of the way. SYNAPSE is a game-changing addition to our organisation; we continue to refine the system to our needs and the team have been open to our feedback in this regard. Been a smooth process all the way through.

Virgin Money
- Paul Munro, Physical & Personal Security

Securing Retail Together: Intelligence in Unity.
ZINC provides the central intelligence platform for the National Business Crime Solution (NBCS) enabling them to capture incidents, analyse trends, manage investigations and communicate across its membership groups.

The NBCS is a non-for-profit organisation that supports multiple businesses including Retail, Transport & Distribution, Online Retail ad Local Partnerships to help identify and mitigate risk to their business, colleagues and customers

National Business Crime Solution
- General Manager

Together for Safer Stores
In collaboration with the NBCS, a unique feature within the SYNAPSE platform is ‘ONE TOUCH’ reporting that enables retailers to report business crime/incidents directly into the police via an integration with Niche RMS.

“This new retail crime reporting system is a welcome and bold move by Sussex Police. It is also an example of how effective partnership working can lead to proactive solutions for businesses with robust action taken against offenders. It will no doubt result in an increase in crime reports locally and I do not shy away from this. We need to paint a clearer picture of business crime and, once we have the evidence, it then cannot be ignored. It’s never the value of the goods being stolen that should be the only reason to respond. The impact upon our business community and our frontline shopworkers must be understood and acted on more effectively, especially as offenders are almost certainly committing offences elsewhere. In Sussex we are determined to show offenders that they will be held to account for their actions and to demonstrate to the public that we take these crimes seriously.”

Sussex Police
- Katy Bourne, Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner
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Our customers partner with us,
as they demand the highest levels of control,
to avoid being an industry statistic.

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    Of retail estates are target by Organised Crime Groups

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    Reduction in safety events with an effective platform

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    Of reported loss is driven by 15% of offenders

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    Increase in productivity when using automation

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A platform built with our users in mind

Zinc Synapse empowers teams to proactively manage risks, respond swiftly to critical events, and ensure the well-being of consumers, staff and the protection of assets.

Organisation Structure
Easily configure your brands, regions, sites, site areas, teams, users & access levels/restrictions.

Central Repository
Central storage of all your critical data, media and documents - creating a single source of truth with rapid access.

Critical Events/Incidents
Customised data capture for any type of event/incident, big or small - covering security, safety & operations.

Mass Notification
Communicate alerts and notifications via in-app alerts, SMS and email - either manually or automatically.

Known Offenders
Securely store and manage a library of known offenders with smart filtering, linking and search capability.

Alerts & Tasking
Automate processes, standard/emergency operating procedures (SOPs/EOPs) & custom tasks.

Sequential Linking
Using historical data to identify trends and patterns in the past to inform of when and where crime may happen in the future.

Patrol Management
Integrated patrol and verification application using geo, photo META extraction, NFC, Barcodes & QR.

Capture evidence (involved parties vehicles, assets, losses), issue civil recovery & prosecute pack.

Communicate instantly to your gold–silver–bronze command structure for dealing with an incident.

Analyse rich data sets using advanced querying and unlimited dashboard creation for day-to-day operations & MI.

Interface and share data with 3rd party systems, such as alarms, access control, CCTV and iOT via API endpoints.

Platform Features

A library of best practices
Report, investigate, analyse.

Incidents can range from crime, violence, health & safety to major emergencies such as fires, severe weather, terrorist threats, bomb threats and significant impacts from organised crime groups, or very location-specific threats including steaming.

Effective management and preparedness are essential to ensure the safety of people and minimise disruption. Zinc Synapse allows you to manage all types of events - big and small - have a look at some of the example categories below:

Critical Event Accident & Emergencies
Critical Event Building Operations & Issues / Failures
Critical Event Civil Unrest
Critical Event Crime & Security -Incidents
Critical Event Criminal Damage / Vandalism
Critical Event Critical Alerts & Briefings
Critical Event Fire & Evacuations
Critical Event Flooding Water Leaks
Critical Event_Inspections, Audits & Assessments
Critical Event_Guard Tour Patrol Activities
Critical Event Health, Safety & Environmental Incidents
Critical Event Robbery
Critical Event Near Miss / Dangerous Occurrence
Critical Event Security System Failure
Critical Event System Alarm Incidents
Critical Event Suspicious Activity
Critical Event Severe Weather Natural Events
Critical Event Transport Issues / Incidents
Critical Event Theft
Critical Event Unauthorised Access
Critical Event Unacceptable Behaviour
Critical Event Violence
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Unified data is your key to
strategic success

A unified data source provides a 'single pane of glass' and enables the prioritisation of all safety and security events. This ensures proactive risk management and mitigation, reducing the likelihood of emergencies and their potential impact. Neglecting safety and security data provides increased vulnerabilities, and, in worst cases, catastrophic consequences.

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Safety & security should
never be an afterthought.
Synapse gives you back
the 'gift of time and control'.

The digitalisation and unification of critical event management is mission critical, driving compliance and efficiency in the prevention, detection, response and recovery of an incident.

SYNAPSE provides a comprehensive approach to improving security and safety by enhancing an organisations ability to manage critical events and incidents that may pose a threat to people, assets, operations, or reputation.

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Unlocking the potential
Connected teams, guided action and effective communication.

For retailers, management and staff of high risk environments, knowing that there is a robust critical event management platform in place can provide peace of mind and instills confidence in your organisation's ability to respond effectively to emergencies.

Enhanced Safety & Security

A pivotal role in enhancing safety, security, and operational efficiency, taking appropriate actions to protect retailers and supply-chain.

Faster Response Times

By centralising critical events, response teams can pinpoint the location of an incident and take immediate action based on the playbook of controls.

Streamlined Communication

Allowing management to rapidly disseminate critical information to staff, LP teams, security, and first responders through various channels.

Regulatory Compliance

Provide documentation and reporting capabilities to demonstrate compliance with these standards, reducing liability and potential fines.

Business Continuity

Help protect the location & assets by enabling proactive risk management, rapid incident response, and disaster recovery planning.

Resource Optimisation

Make informed decisions about security postures, control, and resource deployment, ensuring efficient use of personnel and equipment.

Data Insights & Analytics

It allows location and event managers to identify trends, assess vulnerabilities, and make informed decisions to enhance long-term security and safety.

Resolve Cases Rapidly

Investigate and collaborate effectively to respond to offender and OCG activity streamlining the process for civil recovery or prosecution.

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Uncompromising data protection.

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