People & Asset Tracking Platform

TrackingThe Synapse platform utilises a range of technologies to provide pin-point tracking accuracy of people, vehicles, assets and equipment locations. This provides customers with complete visibility, leading to realtime locating, reduction in loss, improved reporting in the field and a powerful monitoring solution for personal protection and lone workers whilst they work, travel, meet with clients alone anywhere in the world with immediate assistance facilities in an emergency.

Monitor, track and manage

Organisations today need a competitive advantage by monitoring your most critical assets and mobile workforce to help drive customer satisfaction and enable better business decisions with actionable insight.

Our tracking technology delivers insights that can create operational efficiencies, control costs and allow you to make better decisions faster with data from your most valuable assets.

The Synapse responsive bluetooth tracking technology provide an industry leading tracking platform that allows you to see how far your tracked assets go, while continuously providing important customer feedback, increasing customer loyalty, saving time and money and learn valiable information about your customers and the use of your products.

The Synapse App connects with bluetooth devices to detect a range of up to 200 feet. The App can locate the device and trigger automatic workflows to easily conduct everyday tasks such as patrol tasks, maintenance and checklists. The technology can fully integrated with hubs to extend the range and also the IFTTT Platform - powerful Applets that work with a range of services.

The Synapse App can listen for beacon signals in the physical world and identify their position on a micro-local scale, delivering hyper-contextual content to users based on location and collected data.

The underlying communication technology is Bluetooth Low Energy (LE). Bluetooth technology is already being used widely to enhance customer experiences. You can unlock cars without keys, paint digitally using a single pen and improve sports performance with sensors in shoes. On a business level, Synapse’s technology is being used to pin-point exact locations of equipment and be monitored to ensure staff spend less time tracking down the tools required to do their jobs - not to mention the ability to track employees themselves.

This technology is still in its infancy and innovators will benefit from its early adoption.

Utilising the Synapse platform and GPS technology, customers can easily locate people and assets in real-time to gather critical information such as pin-point location and information data to help make informed decisions.

Improve the safety of your staff by monitoring them in real-time. In the case of a crisis incident, you can provide direct assistance and support to your staff with two-way communications. Also utilise tracking to eliminate discrepancies by capturing digital timekeeping, route guidance and reducing paperwork as the tracking system can automatically store all the information you need.

A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter of interest. Within the Synapse platform you can utilise a variety of drawing tools to overlay the maps with circles, polygons, rectangles and polylines to set up trigges, actions and notifications when the geo-fence is entered or exited, or both. 

Geofencing combines awareness of the user's current location with tracking of the user's proximity to locations that may be of interest. You can adjust the proximity for the location and display information in a user-friendly interface and toggle between "normal" and satellite views.

Create specific geo-triggers within the Synapse platform to automatically raise tasks and checklists, digital forms/surveys and/or display resources when a user enters or leaves a geo-fenced area. This enables complete control over the operational activities at a site or specific location within a site.

The reporting and communication of information to location access zones is a key aspect of Synapse. Quickly and easily enter a location and allocate a radius or geo-fence to send crisis communications to individuals, groups or access levels using preferred communication channels. 

Assign location access zones to users and access levels and trigger activities on the mobile app including access to resources, information, confidential materal and the triggering of alerts and notifcations.

Automatic alerts and notifications can be generated, sending notifications to specified contacts and also acts as a central tracking management system for day-to-day activities.

Make better, more-informed decisions

Provide your assets and staff with better protection and monitoring,
create new revenue opportunities, control costs and improve customer
service by incorporating tracking technologies and connecting
to the Internet of Things (IoT).

How can Synapse benefit your organisation?

VIP & Travelling Staff

VIP & Travelling Staff

Synapse provides real-time reporting through simple to use, intuitive touch-points and selections. It gives complete management over form templates, validation, communications and actions for each incident type, ensuring high quality quantitative data is captured for auditing and compliance purposes.

Lone Workers

Lone Workers

Innovative lone worker tracking, security and safety platform with man-down and SOS capability with two-way crisis communications.

SS.O.S & Crisis Communications

S.O.S & Crisis Communications

Real-time reporting allows a SOC to access high quality quantitative data in a simple and intuitive dashboard format for strategic security analysis, monitoring of criminal activity, and investigation and deployment of personnel in a fast and efficient manner - all from a centralised location.

Equipment & Product Tracking

Equipment Tracking

The user selects the type of incident that has occurred which loads dynamic question sets that are specific to that user’s role and the location being reported from. This triggers customisable workflows, ensuring all necessary information is captured in the report as it happens and automatically assigning priority and severity levels.

Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention

Near real-time monitoring of assets to aide loss prevention and help improve performance allows you to take immediate action that can save your organisation unnecessary expenses.

Loss Prevention

Smart Deployment

The communication of reported data is a key aspect of Synapse. Automatic alerts and notifications can be generated, sending notifications to specified contacts using preferred communication channels and also acts as a central operational management system for day-to-day activities such as two-way messaging, issuing of tasks and checklists, viewing of reference documents and reports.

Synapse is accessible on all major browsers and the mobile app is compatible on Android, Apple iOS and Windows devices. Synapse operates across all screen sizes for smart phones, tablets, screens and video walls, allowing for easy adoption on existing hardware and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) users. The mobile app operates both online and offline, with an integrated smart sync feature for when internet connectivity is temporarily unavailable.

Accelerate your business today

Above: Industrial Cleaning Equipment (ICE) wins the Cleaning Show Innovation Awards and CSSA Award for 'Best New Product of 2017' for the introduction Synapse's technology to provide pin point accuracy of equipment at customer locations.

Synapse can adapt to any business platform requirement.
Find out how Synapse can help your organisation today.

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