How situational and location-based intelligence improves decision-making

14th March 2019

Situational intelligence has long been important in helping organisations make critical decisions, whilst it’s a key component in an effective security strategy – but what exactly does the term “situational intelligence” actually mean? Originally a popular expression in the military, situational intelligence combines traditional situational awareness with the shared intelligence of those at the heart of an incident or situation, facilitating a streamlined process where data is collected, processed and shared, allowing management teams to proactively monitor their surroundings. 

Transforming data into insight

There’s a close connection between situational intelligence and location-based intelligence, with both supporting and improving decision-making in everything from customer profiling to logistics and operations. As an example, geographic data is immensely important in helping police identify suspects and solve crimes quickly, but effective communication is critical in terms of success. Synapse, our award-winning incident reporting, analysis and risk management platform combines situational intelligence and location data to provide organisations with actionable insight. To better protect people, assets and locations, Synapse consists of two elements: 

Mobile App 

Used for the self-reporting of incidents from locations, the mobile app allows users to report a wide range of incident types, such as security, crime, health, safety, transport, staff conduct and operational. Automatic alerts and notifications are generated, sending intelligence bulletins, whilst helping to anticipate occurrences of similar incidents.  

Central Intelligence Database 

All of the incoming information from the mobile app is organised in the central intelligence database, and automatically assigned severity and priority levels in real time. The data can then be analysed and cross referenced with other information stored, such as location data, allowing trending and mapping algorithms to be built. This system is ideal for organisations keen to investigate incidents whilst deploying personnel in a fast and efficient manner. 

Make better decisions today

Synapse can also include data feeds for police, demographics, environmental and white-labelled data from other sources, overlaid for greater insights, whilst there are many more sophisticated features, such as:

  • Real-time dashboard
  • Site/location reporting
  • Estate reporting
  • Trending and mapping
  • Data export
  • Performance reports
  • Audit trails

Every location, site or estate is unique, but every piece of data can play an important role in terms of making decisions, offering a more personalised experience to customers and identifying audiences – driving competitive edge in the Digital Age. With Synapse, you have access to your very own customisable dashboard, building real-time clear reports and analysis around key locations, establishing priorities and actions more accurately – all with increased speed and reliability of critical communications in emergencies.

Synapse also allows organisations to collaborate more effectively – sharing intel across platforms including specific types of incidents. Revolutionising the intelligence approach to confronting, tackling and deterring incidents, Synapse harnesses the power of location data and situational intelligence to improve security planning for properties, assets and the safety of people. 

To learn more about Synapse’s powerful features, such as intelligence gathering, monitoring and deployment, please contact our friendly team today.

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