Insight: Synapse Helps Secure The Capital

12th June 2018

2018 marks 100 years since the Women’s Suffrage movement won votes for women. On 10th June, tens of thousands of marchers in London took to the streets in the colours of purple, green and white, creating a mass artwork installation and marching to celebrate the anniversary and honour those who fought for the vote.

The march was a peaceful celebration, but still has an impact on the businesses in the surrounding areas. There were road closures, congestion, and a large amount of people congregating in a small area, all of which can affect the day-to-day operations of an organisation.

For Synapse clients, these business impacts were monitored, recorded and mitigated by the Synapse Intelligence Database & Communications platform. Many of our London-based users, including global asset management organisations and some of the largest security organisations in the country, use Synapse to build a richer picture of the threats and risks affecting their properties and assets.

In the case of the Suffrage March, Analysts used the platform to alert geo-mapped users ahead of time of the events taking place, alongside details of when and where they would be happening. The road closures were based around the route of the march, and the times that the crowds would be arriving there, so it was vital that the businesses there were aware of when their access could be restricted. What’s more, if there had been a change of plans or a significant increase in attendees, further notification would be triggered quickly using a powerful communications system.

The Intelligence Database compiles information from analysts, social monitoring and online observation to create a complete overview of the events that could have an impact on our clients. This information includes the potential escalations, based on the types of organised groups involved and the nature of the event itself.

This kind of situational and location based intelligence is vital for businesses that operate a round-the-clock service, or require seamless operation. Information is the most valuable asset, and with Synapse, your business is consistently informed with the most recent and relevant information.

To keep your business equipped with the knowledge you need, speak to Synapse today. We’ll create a solution that’s based around your organisational needs, using our location based intelligence abilities to help protect your customers, employees and assets every day.

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