In a constantly evolving digital environment, our continuous investment in our support team, managed hosting infrastructure, layered security measures and processes enables us to make a complex world simple. Zinc’s Support team provides technical expertise and maintenance for the platform, and is equipped to help you troubleshoot any queries you might have.

Pay-As-You-Go Support

Key benefits:

  • Affordable pay-as-you-go support
  • In-house team of Synapse technicians
  • Installation & configuration support services
  • Phone-based & web-based support
  • Access to online support portal & user guide

Enterprise Support

Key benefits:

  • Agile developments & new features
  • Installation & use of Enterprise Modules
  • Installation & configuration support services
  • Phone-based & web-based support
  • Access to online support portal & user guide

The Support Team is intended to assist, troubleshoot and resolve specific tasks resulting from the use of the platform. Technical support is available to customers via a variety of methods, which includes our knowledge centre, online support and ticketing portal, telephone support during scheduled support hours and via email.

All incoming support requests (by telephone/email/support portal) are logged within the our online ticketing system and allocated to our Service Desk for review where they will assign a department, status, severity and priority level. Support tickets are given a unique reference number and moved through the designated workflow which can included ‘Feedback’, where a customer response is required, ‘Confirmed’ which states the task has been resolved and passed on to the testing/QA teams, and ‘Closed’ where the task has been resolved and closed. All tickets have time logging providing complete transparency on support hour usage.

Onsite or remote online training is available along with an in-depth user guide. From common day-to-day problems to complex issues, our online self-help facility assists users step-by-step to resolve their difficulties straight away.  From our secure portal you can gain fast access to faqs, system updates and full access to our knowledge base, and datasheets manuals and project documentationare also available.

The platform is intuitive and there are on-screen prompts and guides helping you to configure the system for your own specific requirements. whether you’re a relatively new to the system or an experienced Synapse administrator, from time to time you may want a help on how to use some of the module, our training packages can be booked via our Support Portal and user documentation is available 24/7 providing a complete step-by-step walk-through on using each system module.

The adopted change management methodology for the platform development is "Scrum" - an agile process and project management framework used for the system/platform developments and enabling delivery of software in aggressive deadlines, complex requirements and a degree of uniqueness. The interactive process is utilised across the business and contains contents of the product backlog and will vary to reflect evolving requirements.

Our technical team are experts in designing and implementing digital systems and continuously drive our web technology and the open source environments forward. Our developers understand the digital environment inside-out and the platform is constantly being engineered, altered and enhanced in line with changing technologies, algorithms and capabilities. All of this agile development work is added to the central platform and pushed out to all clients on a regular basis, therefore clients and analysts are never left using outdated products and benefit from a constantly enhancing system that is tailored to their specific workflow and workloads.

We are committed to promoting safe working practices. All employees receive security awareness training commensurate with the classification of information and systems to which they have access. Staff working in specialised roles receive appropriate training relevant to their role and relevant information security policies, procedures and guidelines are accessible and disseminated to all users.

Zinc adopts the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) standards which creates robust industry-leading methodologies, documentation, tools, and technologies in the field of web application security. To support this, we partner with Acunetic - technology leaders in automated web application security testing providing DeepScan Technology allowing accurate crawling of over 3000 other web vulnerabilities and 35,000 network-layer vulnerabilities. It has the industry’s most advanced and robust SQL injection and cross-site scripting testing, including advanced detection of DOM-based cross-site scripting allowing accurate scanning to further reduce the false positive rate. Zinc complete vulnerability testing every three months - contact our Service Desk for more information and for customer specific requests.

Current System Status

Industry best practices are employed for ongoing performance monitoring and ensuring maximum reliability and scalability for our services.

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