The unsung heroes of Critical Event Management

The power of many

Our critical event management platform, powered by the expertise of our dedicated team, stands as a silent sentinel, vigilant and prepared. We are a diverse and dedicated team, unified by a common purpose. From the developers writing code to the support teams assisting clients, every member plays a crucial role in our mission. It is this collective effort that enables us to offer a robust and reliable solution that stands ready to face any challenge.

The need for a robust, reliable, and efficient critical event management platform is more crucial than ever. Our SaaS solution stands out in this arena, not just because of its advanced features and capabilities, but because of the incredible team behind it; a concerted effort by a dedicated team of professionals, all driven by a shared vision.

A unified vision for excellence

At the heart of our platform is a unified vision that drives every team member towards a common goal: to provide the most reliable and user-friendly critical event management tool on the market. This vision, championed by our CEO, Joe Zielinski, and CPO, Matt Loveday, ensures that every feature, update, and customer interaction is aligned with our core mission of empowering organisations to navigate crises with confidence and precision.

The backbone

Our development teams are the backbone of our platform, working tirelessly to ensure it remains cutting-edge and highly functional. Here’s a closer look at the different facets of our development powerhouse:

Software Engineers

Our team of over 50 specialists – our developers spans various specialisations:

  • DevOps Engineers: Ensuring seamless deployment and continuous integration, our DevOps team maintains the stability and scalability of our platform.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Engineers: Rigorous testing is paramount. Our QA engineers work diligently to catch and fix bugs before they ever reach our users.
  • Frontend and Backend Developers: These teams collaborate to create a seamless user experience, combining robust server-side logic with intuitive, responsive interfaces.
  • Full Stack Developers: Versatile and dynamic, our full stack developers bridge the gap between frontend and backend, ensuring cohesive development processes.
  • Mobile Developers: Specialising in iOS and Android, our mobile development teams ensure that our platform is accessible and functional on all major mobile devices.

Product & Mobilisation Teams

Our product managers are the visionaries who understand market needs and translate them into actionable features. 

“Product management is like being an architect on a bustling construction site. You have a clear vision for the final structure, but you also need to gather input from engineers, designers, and the public. By weaving together diverse ideas and navigating constant feedback, you ensure the final product not only reflects your vision but serves the needs of everyone who will use it. It’s challenging, but seeing that vision become a reality, built with the strength of collaboration – that’s the magic of product management”.
Matt Loveday, CPO

The Mobilisation Teams ensure that every project is delivered on time and within scope. The team coordinates planning, initiation, execution, handover, and launch – developing comprehensive plans, initiating tasks, executing configuration activities, training of stakeholders and handing over to successfully launch the project.

Data Analysts & Industry Experts

Data is at the core of our platform’s intelligence. Our data analysts process vast amounts of information to provide actionable insights, while our industry experts ensure that our platform is tailored to the unique needs of various sectors, from healthcare to finance.

Support & Customer Success Teams

Customer satisfaction is our priority. Our support team is available 24/7 to assist with any issues, while our customer success team works proactively to ensure our clients are leveraging the platform to its fullest potential. Their feedback loop with our development and product teams is crucial for continuous improvement.

Marketplace Integrators

While our in-house team is formidable, we recognise that we can’t do it all alone. That’s where our Marketplace Integrators come into play. These third-party approved partners are instrumental in building integrations that extend the functionality and reach of our platform. By fostering a vibrant community of developers and industry experts, we accelerate innovation and ensure our platform remains versatile and adaptive. These integrators bring specialised knowledge and fresh perspectives, allowing us to continuously enhance our offerings and better serve our clients’ diverse needs. Their contributions are a testament to the power of collaboration and community in driving excellence.

Leadership driven by vision

Our leadership team plays a pivotal role in our success. Joe’s clear vision and strategic direction inspire every team member to strive for excellence. His hands-on approach ensures that he is not just a figurehead but an active participant in the platform’s evolution and can even be witnessed writing a line or two of code! Under his guidance, our platform has not only kept pace with industry standards but has often set them.

“Every innovation we create is a step towards a safer, more resilient world. We disrupt with purpose, saving lives, safeguarding assets, and protecting brands – the impact we make today defines the future we build together.”
Joe Zielinski, CEO

The success of our SaaS critical event management platform is a testament to the power of many. It is the collective effort of diverse teams, each bringing their unique skills and perspectives, that allows us to innovate and excel. From the developers writing code to the analysts interpreting data, every team member is integral to our mission.

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