Sounds too good to be true?

How would you like to deploy the world’s best Critical Event Management system for free?

Sounds too good to be true? 
Well, read on and tell me if you don’t agree.

Let’s look around your organisation and identify the multiple, unconnected platforms in use to support your risk strategy.

Firstly, for assurance you will have audits and checks; form-based software that helps prevent incidents and deliver compliance within your risk strategy. Often driving the audits will be task scheduling software if you are lucky enough to have that in place.

Then to enhance compliance, you will need verification. Often a stand-alone security software product used for patrol management, but one that can also provide asset checks and proof of presence.

Health & Safety software is a given, but not cheap. Driving regulatory compliance, these tools are often so complex, no one wants to use them. Or they don’t quite fit your organisation’s needs, so configuration is an additional expense.

Incident Management. Often considered a ‘nice to have’ (believe it or not, in today’s unpredictable world) or maybe you have purchased this off the back of another key core solution such as Roster Management, as an example. Yes, you now have it in a basic form but is this really fit for purpose?

And finally, the complex world of Mass Notification. Yes, you must have it for that major event, but it is so difficult to use and complex in its configuration that it rarely gets utilised, contact groups are often out of date and its certainly not linked to any operational procedures.

On top of that, they are all stand-alone systems and belong to different areas of the organisation, leading to siloed data, fractured processes and ineffective communication… and the one place they all have a responsibility towards is your Risk Strategy!

And finally, the cost?

Let me take an educated guess at the aggregate cost of these systems… it’s over £100k pa, and that’s being conservative.

So here is the fun bit…you could deploy a Critical Event Management System for less than half the cost of these multiple platforms, and still have funds at your disposal.

A Critical Event Management (CEM) system is designed to provide comprehensive and integrated support for managing critical events within your business. The CEM acts as a ‘single pane of glass’ providing a holistic view of every critical event across an organisation.

The idea behind a single pane of glass is to reduce complexity and improve the efficiency of managing a diverse range of events. It provides greater visibility, effective communication and improves decision making. Audits, Checks, Health & Safety, Incident Management, Mass Notification, Verification, Tasks & Scheduling…. all this and more are contained within a world-class CEM system.

While a CEM system can replace multiple systems, it’s essential to choose a solution that aligns with your organisations specific needs and can be configured to your requirements.

Merging multiple systems into a single pane of glass can appear daunting. Working with a collaborative partner such as Zinc is essential for success – let Zinc make the complex world simple and do the heavy lifting for you! 

During the implementation phase, the Zinc team will manage all areas of the project and ensure your stakeholders are consulted and engaged with, at every stage of the process.

Zinc manages these digital transformations for global brands on a daily basis. To find out how your organisation could upgrade to a world-class CEM system, and save money at the same time, contact:

Sophie Malone, CCO at Zinc Systems.

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