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With the growing demand of high, proactive standards of security services, within holistic security models, it is critical for Security and FM organisations to have a solution that protects its own staff, but also the vested interests of its clients.

Central to this is the provision of a Security Operations Centre (SOC) acting as a central hub for monitoring, detecting, responding to, and managing security threats and incidents.

Zinc Synapse delivers both a centralised solution for SOC operations, as well as the ability to become a reseller of tailored implementations of Critical Event Management platforms for clients. All of which, help to maintain secure environments and contribute to the overall success and reputation of the providers and its client-base.

Are you and your clients prepared to manage events that can disrupt business and the welfare of people?

The digitalisation and unification of critical event management is mission critical, driving compliance and efficiency in the prevention, detection, response and recovery of an incident.


We protect complex property environments.

The World's Largest Security Company"I measure Zinc’s value around our sales and our retention. There was some market research done a couple of weeks ago;... It’s what we’ve commissioned internally so we went to market to 50 security specialists in London to ask, basically what’s most important to them. They weren’t clients of mine, no pre- judged...three things came out of the London markets of what’s important to the end user, the end user being my clients. That was customer service, sustainability and command & control and intelligence. So one third of the most important things coming out of the end client is what Zinc is providing, so to me it’s fundamental to our service offering."

Business Director
- Allied Universal

One of the World's largest FM organisations
Working in partnership with ISS and The Corporation of London, Zinc has implemented a tailored critical event management platform across this prestigious estate, including iconic locations such as Mansion House, the Guildhall, Barbican, Leadenhall Market, as well as many other key sites around London. The platform has been structured to accommodate the operating procedures of all assets taking into account their unique differences, providing a consistent framework for all teams to work within, including incident reporting, escalation, mass communication, assurance activities and security patrolling.

- Head of Security

“The implementation of reliable technology enablers, such as Synapse, allows us to access data in real-time and in detail. This means we can make fast decisions but also better-informed decisions. It is no longer the case that we are reliant upon the memory of individual officers or the quality of handwritten reports, but rather consistent, comparable data sets analysed over significant periods of time. This is essential in our operating environment and enables us to provide better value and service to our customers.”

FGH Security
- Ben Knott –Operations Director FGH

From construction through to ‘go live’ the Knight Frank management team and the CIS Security team have worked with our Project Team Zinc Systems to configure a smart critical event management solution using SYNAPSE. Sitting in the heart of their control centre SYNAPSE will enable complete control and command around incidents, critical communication and patrol management activities - providing a single pane of glass for all risk.

- Security Team
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Our customers partner with us,
as they demand the highest levels of control,
to avoid being an industry statistic.
Source: Allied Universal World Security Report 2023

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    Average decrease in stock price due to a significant security event.

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    Revenue was lost in 2022 due to physical security incidents.

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    Believe that economic unrest will be the next biggest security-impact.

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    Companies said physical security threats will increase next year.

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A platform built with our users in mind

Synapse empowers teams and managers to proactively manage risks, have complete visibility to critical events, and ensure the well-being of people and the protection of valuable assets by enforcing compliant controls and response plans.

Estate Structure
Easily configure the estate's core data including regions, areas, sites, teams, users & access levels.

Central Repository
Central storage of all your critical data, media and documents - creating a single source of truth with rapid access.

Critical Event/Incidents
End-to-end data capture & management for any type of event, big or small - covering security, safety & operations.

Customised Workflows
Create bespoke event types, build custom forms, questions, workflows and automate your unique processes.

Communicate instantly to your gold–silver–bronze command structure for dealing with an incident.

Alerts & Tasking
Automate processes, standard/emergency operating procedures (SOPs/EOPs) & custom tasks.

Mass Notification
Communicate alerts and notifications via in-app alerts, SMS and email - either manually or automatically.

Evidence Collation
Capture involved parties (offenders, victims & witnesses), vehicles, assets, losses & lessons learnt.

Visualise your entire estate and overlay critical events, threats, people and assets using an integrated mapping tool.

Patrol Management
Integrated patrol and verification application using geo, photo META extraction, NFC, Barcodes & QR.

Analyse rich data sets using advanced querying and unlimited dashboard creation for day-to-day operations & MI.

Interface and share data with 3rd party systems, such as alarms, access control, CCTV and iOT via API endpoints.

Platform Features

A library of best practices
Report, investigate, analyse.

Critical events across a complex estate can range from minor incidents like safety issues and lost property to major emergencies such as fires, severe weather, terrorist threats, bomb threats, and power failures, or very location-specific threats such as targeted protests.

Effective management and preparedness are essential to ensure the safety of people and minimise damage. Synapse allows you to manage all types of events - big and small - have a look and scroll through some examples below:

Critical Event Accident & Emergencies
Critical Event Alerts, Briefings & Mass Notification
Critical Event Building Operations & Issues / Failures
Critical Event Civil Unrest
Critical Event_Confiscations, Stop & Search
Critical Event Crime & Security -Incidents
Critical Event Contractor & Visitor Logs
Critical Event Criminal Damage / Vandalism
Critical Event Critical Alerts & Briefings
Critical Event Data Security & Requests
Critical Event Deliveries Management
Critical Event Daily Occurrence Book (DOB)
Critical Event Fire & Evacuations
Critical Event Flooding Water Leaks
Critical Event_Inspections, Audits & Assessments
Critical Event_Guard Tour Patrol Activities
Critical Event Health, Safety & Environmental Incidents
Critical Event High Risk Activities
Critical Event Lost & Found Management
Critical Event Key & Door Management
Critical Event Robbery
Critical Event Near Miss / Dangerous Occurrence
Critical Event Occupier Briefings
Critical Event Security System Failure
Critical Event System Alarm Incidents
Critical Event Suspicious Activity
Critical Event Severe Weather Natural Events
Critical Event Terrorism Attack
Critical Event Threat Intelligence
Critical Event Transport Issues / Incidents
Critical Event Theft
Critical Event Unauthorised Access
Critical Event Unacceptable Behaviour
Critical Event Violence
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Unified data is your key to
strategic success

A unified data source provides a 'single pane of glass' and enables the prioritisation of all safety and security events. This ensures proactive risk management and mitigation, reducing the likelihood of emergencies and their potential impact. Neglecting safety and security data provides increased vulnerabilities, and, in worst cases, catastrophic consequences.

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Safety & security should
never be an afterthought.
Synapse gives you back
the 'gift of time and control'.

Understand your risks and vulnerability to better align resources and place effective controls in place. SYNAPSE will support your teams to schedule, conduct and document risk and threat assessments. Tracking of assessment will ensure that they remain current and that corrective actions are actioned.

SYNAPSE maps an organisation’s asset alongside real-time risk feeds and then visualises the data using mapping technologies. Synapse allows organisations and government agencies to proactively identify and mitigate threats, safeguard employees, respond faster to operational impacts and streamline communication from security and business continuity teams to on-the-ground employees.

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Unlocking the potential
Connected estates & teams, effective risk management, client satisfaction.

For staff, contractors and managers of high risk environments, knowing that there is a robust critical event management platform in place can provide peace of mind and instills confidence in your organisation's ability to respond effectively to emergencies.

Enhanced Safety & Security

A pivotal role in enhancing safety, security, and operational efficiency, taking appropriate actions to protect people and assets within the building.

Faster Response Times

By centralising critical events, response teams can pinpoint the location of an incident and take immediate action based on the playbook of controls.

Streamlined Communication

Allowing management to rapidly disseminate critical information to staff, contractors security teams, and first responders through various channels.

Regulatory Compliance

Provide documentation and reporting capabilities to demonstrate compliance with these standards, reducing liability and potential fines.

Business Continuity

Help protect the location & assets by enabling proactive risk management, rapid incident response, and disaster recovery planning.

Resource Optimisation

Make informed decisions about security postures, control, and resource deployment, ensuring efficient use of personnel and equipment.

Data Insights & Analytics

It allows management to identify trends, assess vulnerabilities, and make informed decisions to enhance long-term security and safety.

Peace of

Instil confidence in the provider's ability to respond effectively to emergencies, fostering a sense of security.

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Uncompromising Data Protection.

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