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Workplace safety, made simple.

Elevate workplace safety and streamline compliance with our cutting-edge Health and Safety (H&S) platform. Designed to automate essential processes, our solution not only enhances risk management but also reinforces your commitment to creating a secure work environment for your employees. Benefit from efficient incident management, insightful data-driven decisions, and simplified auditing processes. By choosing our H&S platform, you’re not just complying with regulations—you’re investing in the well-being and productivity of your team.

Ensure a safer, more compliant, and efficient workplace today.

Our H&S platform, ‘SYNAPSE’ provides a single pane of glass supporting real-time information gathering, communication, and decision-making tools to manage health and safety activities, ensuring employee safety, operational continuity, regulatory compliance and minimising impact when events do occur. Progressive CXOs and boards who demand the highest level of control are implementing SYNAPSE into their operational risk management strategies to protect against all types of anticipated and unforeseen health & safety events.


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Our health & safety management platform
proactively safeguards your people and organisation.

Embed a positive workplace safety culture and drive lasting behavioural change with our software. It empowers organisations to streamline processes and prioritise wellbeing - ensuring a commitment to safety becomes a core part of every action.

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Rapid response to incidents, ensuring swift action and mitigation of risks.

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Adherence to legal and regulatory standards, reducing liability and fines.

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Proactive measures to avoid accidents and injuries, enhancing workplace safety.

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A single-pane-of-glass for increased understanding and effective decision-making.

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Award winning

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Our innovative solutions set industry standards, earning us accolades and trust worldwide. CXO and boards can be assured they are working with ‘best in class’ technology.


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Operate seamlessly on-the-go with our mobile app.

  • Simple to use and intuitive experience
  • Safer and more engaged workers
  • Identify hazards early – report, manage, and investigate.
  • Rapidly capture and report safety incidents & observations
  • Quick customisable touch-points and selections
  • Upload evidence, photos, videos & files instantly
  • Capture involved parties & injuries at source
  • Receive realtime alerts and notifications
  • Easily assign and track actions
  • Conduct tasks and keep track of activities
  • Adapts realtime data based on your location
  • Works offline with an automated smart sync feature

H&S - Communications



Instil a positive safety culture by managing and analysing health & safety in one place.

  • Complete visibility of all health and safety incidents & activities
  • Auto-escalate and trigger notifications in seconds
  • Force standard/emergency operating procedures
  • Understand the impact and who is involved
  • Organise actions to target areas of risk and track costs
  • Drive performance through task management
  • Build checklists, conduct inspections and assign audit actions to improve efficiencies
  • Full audit trail and accountability

A single pane of glass

  • Gain actionable insights quickly to make well-informed decisions
  • Understand your data with advanced filtering
  • Closely analyse incident causation to proactively prevent future incidents
  • Build dynamic live dashboards to visualise data
  • Historical data analysis



Our health & safety management platform
has an unrivalled feature set

Our platform, known for its agility and high configurability, leads in innovation. It seamlessly adapts to your operational processes, providing you with a comprehensive suite of essential tools. Moreover, our dynamic community of customers influence our roadmap guaranteeing that every customer remains at the forefront and is supported.

Report a wide range of safety events, create bespoke event types, forms, questions & end-to-end process flows.

Automate & orchestrate processes, standard/emergency operating procedures, tasks and notifications.

Data Restrictions
Management and control over user access & permissions defining which user group can use specific features.

Assignment to individuals and H&S teams based on priority levels to determine the most effective response.

Visualise the location of safety incidents and risk activities, along with identifying location threats using an integrated mapping tool.

Define severity & priority levels and enable escalation protocols based on the impact to location, operations and brand.

Use statuses to manage progression and various stages required of an event to move it from start to finish.

Apply automated deadlines on statuses within the workflow to ensure you track performance and comply with compliance/regulations.

Automatic or manually triggered alerts and notifications using a wide range of communication methods.

Two-way comments and notes capability to log summaries of the essential facts, elements and decisions.

Streamline the planning & tracking of tasks to ensure designated actions are completed & deadlines are met.

Media, Files & CCTV
Upload a wide range of files to support an event including media, documents, CCTV of any size from any device.

Collate, consolidate, track and manage all evidence centrally ensuring it is handled securely and in a compliant way.

Involved Parties
Capture of suspects, offenders, organised groups, victims, injuries, witnesses, vehicles and emergency services.

Linking of events and entities together, with configurable link relationships, allowing for a investigations to see the bigger picture.

Formalised responses, statements, checks, sign-offs, forms and processes can be setup and enforced.

Link, schedule or conduct proactive compliance activities, risk assessments, and audits as a response to events

Log all losses as a consequence of an event - from time-based costs, purchased resources to damages and stock losses.

Recovery workflow tools and procedures to rapidly help to mitigate issues, recover and restore back to full operations.

Translate content to over 100 languages so wherever your event occurs, it can be accurately recorded and translated instantly.

Audit Timeline
Transparency of all updates, actions and activities conducted on an event, displayed in a clear timeline.

Powerful filtering facility and advanced query builder that allows users to customise search criteria, filter and interrogate data sets

Visualise key metrics and unlimited reporting suites and dashboards using flexible widgets - add lists, counts, graphs & maps.

Share & Export
Share events with team members, export to branded PDFs or interface with 3rd party systems via API endpoints.

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From the out-in-the-field to the floor to the office, and everywhere in between - your protected, providing real-time tools for reporting, responding, managing, communicating, complying, recovering and analysing health & safety accidents and activities. Health & safety management is essential across a number of sectors, scroll through and select your sector of choice to learn more.

Real estate portfolios require a H&S platform for compliance, risk management, property safety, tenant protection, and operational efficiency.

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Tall buildings require a H&S platform for enhanced safety protocols, emergency preparedness, risk management, compliance, and efficient maintenance operations.

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Public premises and events need a H&S platform for crowd management, emergency response, risk mitigation, compliance, and ensuring public safety.

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Security & FM providers require a comprehensive H&S platform for compliance, risk mitigation, operational efficiency, and safeguarding staff and clients.

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Retail stores and supply chains require a H&S platform for employee safety, compliance, risk reduction, and efficient incident management processes.

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Film studios and entertainment venues require a H&S platform for safety protocols, risk management, compliance, incident response, and crowd control.

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Iconic buildings require a H&S platform for visitor safety, heritage preservation, risk management, emergency preparedness, and regulatory compliance.

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Critical national infrastructure requires a H&S platform for security, risk mitigation, compliance, emergency preparedness, and safeguarding public and asset safety.

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Emergency responders need a H&S platform for real-time coordination, risk assessment, safety compliance, incident management, and effective response strategies.

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Health & Safety Management
Frequently Asked Questions

SYNAPSE's health and safety platform is a comprehensive digital tool designed to streamline and enhance the management of workplace safety and compliance. It serves as a centralised system for monitoring, managing, and reporting health and safety incidents, risks, and compliance with regulations. SYNAPSE integrates various safety protocols, procedures, and documentation in one platform, it facilitates easier access to information, enabling proactive risk management and decision-making.

It is highly configurable and customers typically utilise features such as incident reporting, risk assessments, checks, and compliance tracking. They automate many of the administrative tasks associated with health and safety management, improving efficiency and accuracy. This not only helps in identifying potential hazards before they result in accidents but also ensures that they stay compliant with relevant laws and regulations.

It helps to foster a culture of safety and awareness and empowers organisations to protect their employees and assets more effectively. It provides valuable insights through data analytics, helping to identify trends and areas for improvement in workplace safety. As a result, organisations can significantly reduce the likelihood of incidents, minimise operational disruptions, and enhance overall employee well-being, contributing to a safer and more productive work environment.

A well-implemented H&S system serves as a backbone during major medical incidents in a workplace - enhancing response efficiency, coordination, and ultimately, the care provided to those affected.

Incident reporting:
Provide rapid reporting via a mobile App to notify relevant medical personnel, responders, and stakeholders about the incident, enabling prompt response and resource allocation.

Logging of injuries:
Injury forms capture specific details, injury type(s), affected person's personal information, location, date/time, medical facilities, and contributing factors, aiding analysis and prevention.

Collaboration and coordination:
Help in efficiency triaging the incident to different departments of an organisation, managing medical resources like ambulances, medical supplies, and personnel by providing real-time information on availability and requirements. Staff emergency contact details can also be stored and referred to.

Emergency protocols & continuity of operations:
Disseminate established medical emergency protocols and procedures, ensuring that responders follow standardised practices, minimising errors and streamlining care as well as implementing continuity plans.

Communication with the Public:
Facilitate timely and accurate communication with the public, providing guidance on seeking medical assistance, evacuation procedures, or any necessary precautions to take.

Data protection and access restrictions:
Limit data access to authorised individuals, minimising exposure, and safeguarding personal data to designated stakeholders.

Evidence and case management:
Provide secure evidence collation involving the gathering of witness statements, linked incidents and CCTV footage - organising and uploading this data for investigations, ensuring comprehensive documentation and analysis.

Legal and litigation protection:
Provides legal protection for the organisation, demonstrating due diligence and adherence to safety regulations in case of legal challenges. Our H&S platform can also support uninsured losses by showcasing compliance and evidence that if not handled correctly would not be covered by insurance policies.

Compliance & Regulation
Maintain compliance with health and safety regulations and ensures proper documentation of incident reports, providing crucial data for escalation to regulatory bodies. Examples can include; RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations, UK) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration, USA) - these external bodies oversee and mandate the reporting of work-related incidents, diseases, and dangerous occurrences for safety monitoring.

Post-Incident Assessment:
After the incident, the platform can assist in conducting a comprehensive review and assessment of the response, identifying strengths and areas needing improvement for future incidents. Regular assessments and audits as part of the health and safety system allow for ongoing improvements, lessons learnt and refining protocols and procedures.

Our platform has over 100 pre-built incident types ready to go for you. You can then remove, customise the workflows or add as many new types as you wish.

Typically the health and safety incidents "out the box" are:

  • Accidents, injuries & Emergencies
    • Slips, Trips & Falls
    • Contact & Crashes/collisions
    • Exposure
    • Medical Emergencies
  • Hazardous materials
    • Pollution
    • Chemical, Radiological & Biological
    • Water Damage & Mould Growth
    • Waste Management
  • Occupational Diseases & Illness
    • Stress-related Disorders
    • Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs)
    • Respiratory Conditions
    • Sickness
    • Mental Health
  • Safety Observations
    • Near-Misses
    • Positive Observations
    • Unsafe Acts/Conditions
  • Dangerous Occurrences
  • High Risk Activities
    • Planned Works
      • BMU Maintenance & Operation
      • Confined Spaces
      • Construction & Renovation
      • Flammables / Hazardous Materials
      • Glazing Removal / Replacement
      • Heavy Machinery & Lifts Maintenance
      • High Voltage / Hot Works
      • Roof Access
      • Working at Height
    • Planned Events
      • Fire Safety Inspections & Drills
      • Special Events & Large Gatherings
      • VIP Attendance
  • Risk Register
    • Safety & Security
      • Counter Terrorism
      • Miscellaneous
      • Protective Security
      • Culture & Commitments
      • Planning
      • Threat & Risk Assessment
    • Housekeeping
    • Logistics
    • Lobby & ACP
    • Engineering
    • Soft Landings

Other events include:

  • Violence & Unacceptable Behaviour
    • Alcohol or Drugs
    • Violence
    • Unacceptable Behaviour
    • Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Fire
    • Fire
    • Explosion
  • Natural Disasters
    • Weather-related Disasters
    • Geophysical Disasters

In short, YES!

Our platform allows you to completely configure the data capture and workflow process ensuring you can adhere to any compliance regulation (globally).

Under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) in the UK, certain types of work-related health and safety incidents must be reported to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). These include:

  1. Deaths:
    Work-related accidents leading to the death of employees or self-employed workers working on your premises, and to non-workers if the accident relates to a work activity or occurs on work premises.
  2. Specified Injuries to Workers:
    These include fractures (other than to fingers, thumbs, and toes), amputations, injuries likely to lead to permanent loss of sight or reduction in sight, crush injuries leading to internal organ damage, serious burns (covering more than 10% of the body, or damaging the eyes, respiratory system, or other vital organs), scalping requiring hospital treatment, unconsciousness caused by head injury or asphyxia, and any other injury arising from working in an enclosed space, which leads to hypothermia, heat-induced illness, or requires resuscitation or admittance to hospital for more than 24 hours.
  3. Over-Seven-Day Injuries to Workers:
    Injuries that result in an employee or self-employed person being away from work, or unable to perform their usual work duties for more than seven consecutive days (not counting the day of the accident).
  4. Injuries to Non-Workers:
    Injuries to members of the public or people not at work that require hospital treatment and where the accident arises out of or in connection with work.
  5. Occupational Diseases:
    Including, but not limited to, carpal tunnel syndrome, severe cramp of the hand or forearm, occupational dermatitis, hand-arm vibration syndrome, occupational asthma, tendonitis or tenosynovitis of the hand or forearm, and any occupational cancer.
  6. Dangerous Occurrences:
    Certain, specified near-miss events (incidents with the potential to cause harm) listed under RIDDOR.
  7. Gas Incidents:
    Distributors, fillers, importers & suppliers of flammable gas must report incidents where someone has died, lost consciousness, or been taken to hospital for treatment to burns or injuries associated with a gas explosion or carbon monoxide (CO) exposure. Gas engineers must report any dangerous gas fittings or appliances that they find.

It's crucial for employers, the self-employed, and people in control of work premises to understand these categories to ensure compliance with RIDDOR regulations.


Typically customers will be up and running within 2-4 weeks depending on the level of configuration you require. You will experience a seamless onboarding process with us that includes a swift setup, intuitive configuration, user-centric training, straightforward reporting, and dedicated support to assist in every step.

  1. Planning
    • Kick-off meeting and initial discovery
    • Data templates provided
  2. Initiation
    • Platform installation with out-the-box workflows
    • Your organisation's branding and colours applied
    • Setup of organisation's hierarchy - locations, people, roles
  3. Execution
    • Any workflows you require to be customised or added
    • Permissions and data restrictions configured
    • Notifications customisation
  4. Handover
    • Stakeholder demo
    • Training
    • Testing and pre-launch checks
  5. Launch


Centralising safety & security in one unified platform

Navigate Crises, Maintain Continuity

Incident Management & Investigations

Inform Quickly, Protect People

Mass Notification & Communications

Promote Wellness, Prevent Hazards

Workplace Health & Safety Management

Secure Operations, Ensure Compliance

Compliance & Patrol Management

You are In safe hands

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