Insight: Integrating Your Alarm Monitoring Software With Synapse

4th May 2018

An alarm monitoring system is part of the essential security in most business locations. No matter the size, industry, or security requirements, an alarm system is vital to protect the people, equipment and assets within.

Nevertheless, for many companies the level of security needs to be more than alarm monitoring software alone. That’s where a management information dashboard with integrated incident management software such as Synapse is required, allowing employees to monitor trends and collect additional data on the events that could be affecting your business.

As an example, this could be an intruder alarm being triggered, generating an automated incident report to record additional details such as damage to the building, theft of goods, offender profiling and logging of any violence to staff and linked injuries. With the ability to quickly report incidents and analyse them comes the vital insights that can help pinpoint problems, save your organisation time and money and reduce risks to your staff.

The best security effort is always one that is integrated and cohesive. The ability to collate your information in one place makes it far easier to monitor the activity in the location and report on the trends. That’s why Synapse integrates and collects all information into a data repository and presents it on an intuitive dashboard format. For companies that have use an alarm monitoring software, the data seamlessly becomes a part of the data that you use every day to assess how your organisational security is performing.

With a Synapse integration, you will have access to the information your alarm system is monitoring. It enables you to access vital details and send out automated alerts to the Synapse mobile app based on the information it collects or push out SMS or email communications. Not only will you be able to log if an alarm is triggered at your location for intruders, fire or panic, but you’ll be able to see data regarding when your locations have been late to open or early to close. This can generate linked resources and additional workflows to help keep your business informed and productive.

Synapse is built using open standard frameworks, allowing us to connect a wide range of feeds into the powerful incident management database and reporting platform. This can be achieved securely and directly via database connections, XML protocols, API feeds, FTP integrations to name a few. This versatility allows us to work with alarm monitoring systems of all kinds, making our software easy to implement for every type of user.

An alarm system integration enables you to collect, compare and contrast the information you may not be seeing from your current software into actionable insights. With this, your business will benefit from increased efficiency, better processes, and most importantly a safer environment.

Contact Synapse today to discuss your unique needs. Our technology team can create a bespoke platform that can help your business remain protected every day.

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