Rapid and resilient testing with automation

The Benefits of Automated Testing

2nd December 2019

Within the software development life cycle, testing is one of the most important steps. On a daily basis, we make changes to the source code that need to be tested on every browser and system version to ensure that there isn’t any loss in functionality. We need to test all areas of the system on a regular basis.

Software testing isn’t a quick process. Each function needs to be tested individually to ensure that it works both alone and in conjunction with the other functionality in the software. When testing manually, each test will take around 10-20 minutes. With a variety of platforms, devices and versions, testing one function can take hours. What’s more, Zinc develop in an Agile environment. This is a fast-paced environment that means that within a two week sprint, there can be hundreds of tests to run. If there are any failures, the fixes to the problem need to be worked into the current sprint and then retested. When this is manual, there is a lot of time and resources poured into a process that can impact delivery capability and still has the potential for user error.

This is where automated testing comes in. At Zinc, we use a range of automation tools and software such as VS Code, Selenium, Coreception Testing Framework and Browserstack to run automated tests. Over time, we have created a repository of the standard tests that are required to ensure our product is working the way it needs to, and we’re able to build new tests to cater to any needs that arise during each Agile sprint.

With automation, a process that would usually use up hours can now take minutes. It enables us to minimise the potential for user error, maintain a high quality product and highlight defects with enough time to work them into the sprint and retest in a fraction of the time. The process is reliable and accurate, enabling us to work even more efficiently.

This not only supports our product in the development stage, but helps to maintain stability once the product is live. We’re able to run automated testing as standard to ensure that updates have not caused any knock-on effects. Any failures are designed to alert our team before a client will use the system, allowing us to implement and test a fix to a much shorter timeline.

In an Agile Development environment, the ability to test quickly and reliably is vital. With the implementation of automated testing, we will be able to operate an even more efficient and reliable process. Our goal as a business is to work within a process that enables our developers and customers to progress and innovate.

If you’re interested in working with a business that focuses on innovation, efficiency and exceptional results, speak to Zinc. We’ve been a part of the digital transformations for businesses of all sizes and needs.

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