Feature focus:
In-list editing and preview tool

Enhance productivity and streamline workflow with our in-list editing and smart preview tool.


Efficiency is paramount when managing an Incident/Event. Every second saved can save hours in time and labour costs. That’s why we’ve introduced in-line editing for status changes, event re-assignments and Event preview panels empowering you to streamline your administration workflows.

Key Benefits:

  • Time Savings: Instantly update event statuses and re-assign events without navigating away from the main interface, reducing time spent on manual processes.
  • Real-time Updates: Experience improved responsiveness with in-line editing, ensuring that changes are reflected immediately, enhancing collaboration and decision-making. That coupled with quick access to Incident/event information and easy access to the notes section. 
  • Error Reduction: Minimise the risk of data discrepancies and errors by editing event details directly within the context of your workflow, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.
  • Custom processes: Use this feature to manage custom workflows such as the check-in or check-out of assets rapidly from the list
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