Enhancing Sports Ground Safety

Attending the SGSA Conference

As a team that is dedicated and passionate about security and safety, attending the Sports Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA) Conference was a ‘must do’ especially off the back being awarded a contract with the world largest global motor racing competition 🙌 🙌 🙌  So off we went to ‘rainy’ Old Trafford, with stand, flags, flyers and water bottles in hand. Well done Paul Coverdale, Sophie Malone and Stephen Shakell. 

Having not been to the Emirates Old Trafford cricket ground, walking around the area it didn’t take long to visualise the immense role of safety and security when managing this expansive sporting area on match days. Moreover, it presented the context as to why we were all gathering at the conference to share ideas, experiences and best practice.

From the get-go it didn’t let us down, a great venue, friendly hosts and attendees flowed through the doors; from Safety Officers and Venue Managers to local authorities and emergency services.  The conference program was packed with sessions that delved into the challenges faced by the sports ground safety sector and focused on how as a ‘collaborative team’ improvements could be made on a sustainable basis.

The strategic vision was shared by Giles Smith, the new SGSA Chief Executive (day 1 to be precise!), and sessions covered topics such as discussing the challenges of managing Zone Ex, why service (good/bad) impacts spectator behaviour, an update on Martyn’s Law and numerous breakout sessions focused on sustainability, cyber crime, near misses and future stadium design…

Our team learned a lot, and not only from the speakers themselves but from the attendees who were open about their challenges and vision for the future. 

It was clear to see how Zinc fits into this world and that there is a need for integrated Critical Event Management technology –  a platform that can do the heavy lifting, give back the gift time to operators and enable teams to manage ALL incidents and compliance effectively.

Spotlight on Zinc Systems

Amidst the myriad of topics discussed, the role of critical event management platforms, such as that developed by Zinc, stood out. 

Zinc’s platform answers many needs, it’s designed to provide real-time situational awareness, allowing for swift and effective responses to any incident. Whether it’s managing a medical emergency, coordinating a response to a security threat, or handling crowd dynamics, the platform ensures that all stakeholders are informed and can act decisively.


Attending the SGSA Conference was a valuable experience, providing valuable insights into the latest advancements in sports ground safety

Thank you to all that attended, and the SGSA which continues to lead the way in setting and promoting the highest safety standards.

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