Control room design advice

Control room design: Considerations for critical processes

A control room acts as a data hub, allowing organisations to efficiently and effectively monitor multiple information streams and make accurate mission-critical decisions. 

There are many different elements of the work environment that must be critically examined before designing a safe and productive control room, from operational needs to functionality, equipment, resource mapping, collaboration and room conditions. It’s important control rooms adopt operator-centric designs, with data presented in a way that allows the operator to understand and compare situations quickly, making prompt and precise decisions that result in safe and efficient operations. 

Crisis Management: At the heart of an intelligently designed control room

Crisis management is a key component in a control room, helping to ensure operating teams are equipped to handle serious incidents and crisis situations. Whether you’re looking to improve response and recovery, or obtain a clear view on what’s happening across your organisation, having one central application for incident management is the best place to start. Synapse is utilised for the management of incident reporting and staff operational activities, providing real-time reporting and optimised decision-making during major incidents. It reduces response times and enhances the safety of people, assets and locations. With cutting edge technology like Synapse at the heart of your operations, SOCs can manage a wide range of incident types across the following areas:

  • Health & Safety
  • Civil Unrest
  • Suspicious Activity
  • Crime
  • Data Breach
  • Fire
  • Building and Systems
  • Terrorism
  • Unauthorised Access
  • Vehicle
  • Violence
  • Lost and Found

Smooth, efficient and well-defined operations

Whether you’re eager to boost attentive monitoring, improve decision-making or increase productivity, it’s essential your analysts have timely information at their fingertips, with features that can adapt to any business intelligence requirement. Synapse offers organisations the ability to adjust and scale to fit their needs, providing cutting edge technology to streamline the following operational activities. 

Capturing Data

You can securely store, access and manage a wide variety of digital documents. With dynamic question sets, your team can quickly capture specific information on incidents that have occurred, such as uploading supporting imagery, footage and other documents, maintaining an accurate real-time Daily Occurrence Book (DOB).

Task Management

With a simple and intuitive dashboard, operators can utilise timely information to prioritise tasks, engaging with colleagues and directing security teams to areas of significant risk. 

Asset Management 

To improve strategic security planning for properties and assets, Synapse allows organisations to collaborate and share Intel, enabling for proactive planning and improved safety. 

Health & Safety

By being able to quickly and easily record unexpected health and safety incidents, such as fatal accidents, gas leaks, fires, flooding, violence or catering accidents, it’s easier to determine the root cause and prevent such incidents from happening in the future. 

Alarm Monitoring

You can automate the process of managing your alarms in one unified platform, meaning you can minimise false and duplicate signals, saving valuable time and resources, whilst ensuring genuine emergencies are handled accordingly.

Patrol Management

Our platform enables you to make use of convenient, simple and powerful technology, assisting with patrol planning, report generation and shift assignment. 

Intelligence Alerts

Synapse offers access to high quality quantitative data in a simple and intuitive dashboard format for strategic security analysis; ensuring operators can monitor criminal activity. Trend maps offer a clear overview of intelligence alerts, user locations and places of importance. 

Delivery Management 

Synapse has been thoughtfully designed to improve strategic security planning for properties, assets and the safety of people. Our platform not only enables analysts to prioritise activity and better engage with operational teams, it also provides a clear picture of delivery targets to delivery managers who can continuously improve productivity and performance. 

Contractor Management 

Take control of your contractor and visitor management, quickly assigning relevant contractors to active projects whilst measuring performance through online dashboards and real-time feedback. 

Lone Workers

With 6 million lone workers in the UK (accounting for around 20% of the UK workforce) it’s essential for organisations to ensure those who work in isolation remain safe. With Synapse, all communication activity is stored in one place, so it’s easy for operators to respond to critical alarms raised by lone workers and make relevant team members aware of their whereabouts.

When designing a control room, it’s essential to review your existing facilities and identify areas for improvement. With Synapse, you have all of the tools and features you could possibly need in one place; helping to improve operator alertness and drive efficiency whilst cutting costs. 

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