How to build a Security Operations Centre (SOC) for your organisation?

A Security Operations Centre (SOC), also now widely referred to as an intelligence centre, plays a pivotal role in helping to protect people, assets and brands by delivering a more strategic and proactive approach to security planning.

It allows organisations to undertake predictive analysis, improving the detection of breaches whilst enabling the automation of pre-decided responses.

It’s important to understand that SOCs have long played a pivotal role in detecting, analysing and responding to incidents, ensuring security troubles are dealt with quickly and efficiently, upon discovery. However, with the right blend of modern technology and rapid distribution of intelligence, businesses can focus on so much more than monitoring. By taking full advantage of internal data and external threat intelligence and utilising cutting edge technology, organisations can upgrade security measures with less management – saving a great deal of time and money whilst improving performance. 

Acquiring actionable insight with a security operations centre

So how difficult is it to build a security operations centre for your organisation? Zinc Systems has built SOCs for some of the largest security firms, corporate organisations and retailers in the UK – protecting people, property and profits.

Every organisation is different with a unique set of security risks, but by utilising cutting edge technology, we can provide a completely custom branded SOC that’s designed around the key roles you need. By providing real-time reporting, you can access high quality quantitative data in a simple and intuitive dashboard format for strategic security analysis, monitoring of criminal activity, and investigation and deployment of personnel in a fast and efficient manner – all from a centralised location.

In addition to giving you 24-7 accessibility, you’ll also be able to improve preparations with flawless integration and analysis of police data. 

Synapse: Leading the way for incident reporting and staff operational activities

Our Synapse platform is designed to streamline operational management, providing incident reporting, data collation, intelligence gathering and analysis. It uses an intelligence database to automatically process data with in-built algorithms.

So if you’re looking for a cutting edge platform that calculates the priority and severity levels, enabling your analysts to view relationships, associations and trends made between incoming data feeds, organisations, individuals and events, Synapse can help you pre-empt potential security risks along with automated tasks for opportunities, accurately forecasting activity. 

Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, once said:

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.”

This is especially true with regards to developing a proactive and accurate SOC to the highest technical standards, and that’s where Zinc Systems can help. To learn more about us, and our flagship product Synapse, please contact us here

We help our customers protect what matters to them

“The build of our Crime Centre and introduction of the B&Q incident reporting and case analysis application has revolutionised our approach to loss prevention. Large amounts of data is now collected, analysed, and cross referenced with other external sources in order to intelligently deploy a rapid and targeted response to crime, in particular organised crime groups who have the potential to seriously impact stock loss.”

Crime Centre Manager at B&Q

“We partnered with Zinc to turn our Security Operations Centre (SOC) vision into reality. The team at Zinc have delivered an exceptional, industry-leading SOC for M&S and we highly recommend their services.”

Clint Reid, Head of Security at M&S

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