How To Use Incident Reporting To Adapt Your Business Strategy

For organisations in corporate, distribution and retail sectors, a security strategy is your most important asset. When you’re able to make informed decisions based on data, you will prevent loss of money and assets, protect your employees and customers, and avoid wasted resources across the board.

Gaining access to valuable data like this is easier than ever with the Synapse reporting tools. From your dashboard you can collate data that’s relevant to your location or the incident that’s taking place and use it creatively to gain a new insight into your requirements.

Incident reports are simply stored data. With this capability behind you, you’re able to collect information on anything you’d need to know, from standard incidents such as thefts and injuries to more in-depth incidents such as shrinkage or property maintenance issues. Over time, this data is collected into our database, ready to be collated into a report when you need it. With customisable displays and scalable reports, you’ll be able to focus your attention on the relevant information at hand. Your reports can be represented in a simple spreadsheet, or exported in visual graph formats.

Some say that data is the new oil. It powers the technology industry, and by extension much of the business world today. By using the data you now have access to, you’re able to pinpoint links, trends and patterns within it that will give you insights that were unavailable to you before. The ability to collect and collate this information enables you to think differently about your incident analysis. The incident types and the way you compare them can become dynamic, bringing in external sources such as UK crime data and Environmental Risk Factors to compare your own statistics to national averages.

With the benefit of this data at your fingertips, you’ll be able to take action based on your insights. By using predictive analysis, you’re able to increase or decrease personnel at a location or time, adapt the training you’re offering based on the most frequent incident type, supply extra equipment, or simply prepare your staff for the seasonal trends. As a result, you’re able to prevent asset loss and financial impacts by taking preventative instead of reactive action.

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