Rising security guard costs: Save time and resources with a proactive approach

Only a matter of decades ago, hiring security guards was one of the most effective measures for protecting people, buildings and assets – after all, nothing comes close to the intuition, attentiveness and understanding of a living, breathing person. 

Today physical security can include many other layers of interdependent systems, such as CCTV, protective barriers, locks, access control, perimeter intrusion detection, deterrent systems and fire protection, however, many organisations need security guards to respond to emergencies, prevent incidents occurring, deter crimes and create comprehensive reports. The problem is that even when you have a large team of security officers, it’s difficult for managers to know exactly what’s happening on the frontline, whilst extra on-site supervision may be needed to ensure reports are being completed correctly and tasks were being completed quickly and efficiently. 

Modernising security measures with data-driven technology and risk-based deployment

There are many reasons for the rising costs of hiring highly trained security officers. Roles and responsibilities are more varied with the introduction of new technology, whilst security now overlaps with hospitality in many industries, especially in corporate, retail and leisure sectors – so guards must have a deep understanding on the brand, the customers and the premises. That said, by spending more on security personnel, you’re not necessarily going to reap the rewards. A smarter and more proactive approach is required to minimise loss and accurately forecast activity, and that’s where our award winning incident reporting, analysis and risk management platform can help – aligning your physical security measures with core business objectives. 

Below are just a few of the reasons why many organisations depend on Synapse for strategic security analysis

Risk profiling

Synapse allows you to view a clear picture of the potential threats and risks to various locations, meaning your security team can evaluate, assess and determine how to efficiently allocate time and resources to a particular location. 

Incident triage

You’re able to streamline your incident triage process through proactive planning and optimised decision making, enhancing the safety of people, assets and locations. For example, Synapse revolutionises the approach to tackling incidents with more accurate evidence being captured through dynamic questions sets, before triggering automatic workflows. The information is presented in a compliant way for auditing and analysis, leading to greater success in investigation, action and closure.

Smart deployment of people

To minimise loss and avoid unnecessary risks, SOCs are able to access accurate data (via a simple and intuitive dashboard interface) for strategic security analysis, monitoring, location-based intelligence, investigation and deployment of personnel, in a fast and efficient manner – all from a centralised location.

Not only that, using risk ratings on gathered and historic intelligence, organisations can move to predictive deployment of shared resources across multiple localised locations – significantly saving time and money.

Better protection for staff 

By being able to monitor information in real-time, and analyse the data, you’re able to easily coordinate a measured response to protect your people proactively, as well as your buildings and assets. 

Emergency Services 

In the event that an incident requires an emergency response, your team can take precise action promptly. Synapse’s API architecture allows for integration with emergency Category 1 and 2 responders, ensuring all of the relevant authorities are contacted easily – from the moment a report is processed.

If you would like to learn more about how you can heighten security and improve efficiency with our pioneering suite of products that allow for the secure processing and storage of critical data, please get in touch with our team today.

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