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Risk intelligence sharing: 5 rewards for your organisation

Real-time actionable threat intelligence is an emerging defence concept that’s focused on identifying and minimising cyber or physical threats. In this article, we will be looking at UK companies in particular, and the growing trend of small, medium and large businesses sharing information to proactively minimise loss and improve their line of defence against opportunistic and organised crime. 

Whilst many retailers see the benefit of sharing information to help the industry as a whole, it’s understandable why some businesses may require some convincing, especially if their team is small – perhaps without a great deal of time or resources to focus on loss prevention. Some small and medium size companies decide not to share intelligence because they feel as though they have “nothing of value to contribute”. Having helped keep thousands of assets and people safe, informed and efficient across major organisations throughout the UK, we wanted to outline 5 of the key reasons why intelligence sharing can be greatly beneficial to your business, no matter how small or large your organisation may be.

Prevent financial loss

According The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) crime against small firms costs more than £12 billion annually, whilst the cost of traditional crime is nearly £3,000 per victim business per year. By working in collaboration with other businesses in your industry and sharing actionable insight, you’re helping your business and others make timely and informed decisions to prioritise loss prevention activity, while driving revenue and efficiency. 

Better prioritise your resources

By contributing intelligence and making use of data from your industry peers, you can begin to prioritise security resources and engage with your staff to highlight areas of significant risk. By properly allocating investment in your infrastructure, it becomes easier to address vulnerabilities and plan proactively. 

Knowledge Maturation

Synapse is a cutting-edge incident reporting, analysis and risk management platform that operates across corporate offices, distribution centres, government, healthcare, leisure facilities and retail stores. By sharing risk data to a central intelligence database, you can immediately enable resources and actions to be deployed in a streamlined manner, whilst ensuring your team better understands the indicators of a specific incident, risk or threat campaign, meaning organisations large and small can prepare for a wider set of incidents.

Better protect people and property

By being able to quickly, easily and securely report and monitor threats around the clock, you’re able to support your staff, customers and property with actionable intelligence. By participating in the conversation, working collaboratively with likeminded organisations in your sector, you play a pivotal role in combining intelligence from a wide range of sources to assist strategic security planning for properties, assets and the safety of people. 

Nurtures collaboration 

Individually it can be very difficult to spot emerging threats or discover trends and patterns of risks. By pooling your knowledge with organisations and industry experts you can finally pre-empt potential security risks and open doors to opportunities for further research, resulting in a far more effective visualisation of how everything links together.

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