Security in distribution centres can be breached by both internal and external elements

3rd May 2019

There is a growing threat of theft, pilferage and collusion in distributions centres, and it’s largely down to the difficulty of prevention, as well as the ready availability of opportunities. It’s not just security risks that factories, warehouses and distribution centres must keep a close eye on; there are a large number of incidents related to health and safety, transport, operations, wastage and compliance breaches. 

Why is internal theft a growing concern?

According to the Warehouse Education and Research Council (WERC), theft typically involves company insiders who collude with drivers to move stolen goods out of the distribution centre. Whilst it may be impossible to completely eradicate well-planned, audacious thefts, it is possible to minimise risks by combining a centralised database with additional security checks and procedures in place. 

With Synapse, our market leading and award winning incident reporting and communications platform, distribution centres and warehouses can securely host a centralised offender and a ban or sanction register for drivers who deliver goods to the warehouse, as well as agency or temporary staff used sporadically over time. This allows forward-thinking organisations to check and trace individuals, working collaboratively to ensure those who move between jobs regularly are no longer frustratingly difficult to monitor. You’re also able to create specific workflows for the processing of positive searches and refusals of onsite staff members, creating a safe, intelligent and secure environment for all staff, minimising loss. The Synapse front-end platform enables a more proactive and accurate approach to incident reporting, ensuring high quality quantitative data is captured, whilst the mobile app operates both online and offline, with a smart sync feature when internet is not stable, or is only temporarily available. 

Proactive planning and optimised decision-making during all major incidents

With a completely customised Synapse app, distribution centres can ensure the functionality and features are built around their exacting requirements. From perimeter checks to the real-time logging of incidents as they occur, management teams can log a diverse mix of incidents, including damaged stock, fire door issues, found property, authorised personnel and perimeter breaches. For distribution centres, dealing with transportation incidents quickly and efficiently are critical to business continuity. Synapse is designed to minimise logistical delays and financial losses, ensuring you can act quickly to log, audit and notify relevant individuals on

  • Temperature rejections
  • Fuel spills
  • Insecure fleet
  • Lock on dock non conformity
  • MHE collisions, process failures
  • Vehicle pull off / roll away

Loss Prevention Mangers have all of the information they need at their very fingertips, enabling them to investigate trends and report on key themes. They can also utilise the intelligence to look into wastage to protect profits, whilst engaging with the operational teams, directing security officers to areas of significant risk. Digitalising the process of incident reporting is a huge step forward, so if you’re interested in modernising your incident reporting methods, accessing a far more versatile and responsive system, please contact the team at Synapse today.

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