Insight: The Changing Role of the Security Guard

15th May 2017

Technology has had an impact on every aspect of our daily lives, both at home and in business. The same goes for the way that the security industry works.

The role of the Security Guard has changed dramatically in recent years. It’s become a role that encompasses not only esafety, but a multitude of other responsibilities that has brought the security guard into the modern age


Security Guards often work in teams, but until recently there hasn’t been the opportunity to work as collaboratively as there is now. With the ability keep in touch not only with your own security team, but with head office, store managers, and staff in other locations, it’s become a role that has teamwork at its core.

Compliance and Reporting

Due to the changing nature of the workplace, it’s now standard practice to complete reporting. This is not only to document how your employees are working and comply with (regulations?), but to maintain a record of the threats and risks that your workforce handle on a daily basis, in order to fully understand the environment they work in.

Operational tasking

An increasing number of security firms are using operational tasking to change the way that work is assigned to a smoother, clearer process. Operational tasking uses notifications and automation to plan the day intelligently. Based on real-time information about the surrounding areas from both 3rd party sources and previous shifts, your workforce has all the intelligence they need to be as efficient and safe as possible.


Instilling a Service Level Agreement ensures that your workforce maintains the high level of service that you expect from them. It’s becoming a standard addition to require your security guards to comply with these as well, making sure that response times are reasonable and that the required actions are always taken in a timely manner.

Customer service

Alongside your customer service representatives, security guards are part of the front line of staff that interact directly with the general public. They represent your organisation when doing this, so it’s important that your workforce understand their role as a brand ambassador. As part of this, it’s important to remain polite, sensitive and considerate, even when an incident is occurring.


The main role of the security guard remains the same – to protect the general public, employees, and assets from threats. Above all, a modern age security guard needs to be agile and adaptive, keeping their eyes open for anything unusual

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