Insight: Why Keeping Your Security Workforce Connected Is Important

20th February 2018

On-site security in the modern day takes more than a walkie-talkie to stay connected. For companies that have multiple locations, or simply a large workforce, communication becomes both a necessity and a logistical nightmare without the technology to support it.

With an app like Synapse, you give your workforce the power to stay connected to each other from any location. Tracking, monitoring, messaging and sharing intelligence is imperative to an efficient security team – here’s why:  

Protect Workers

Awareness is key in the security industry. It’s important that your team know the environment they’re going to be entering, with access to real-time reports and activities from their coworkers supported by location-based risk profiling.

Sharing Intelligence

With the ability to constantly update your workforce with new developments, you give them the information they need to be prepared and keep people safe during their workday. Automated notifications and alerts provide a reliable fully integrated messaging service.

Respond Quickly

In the event of an incident, your response time is vital. With the ability to access key information as they need it, your security team is empowered to take effective action quickly. They’re able to be updated in real-time on developments and understand the situation thoroughly in order to make safe, informed decisions quickly. 

Recognise Patterns

When working independently, your team might miss patterns that are developing across your properties. With trend mapping, you’ll be able to see the assets or locations that might require higher security or special measures, and gain insights that can lead to cost-saving actions.

Reduce Admin

Effective documentation and record keeping is vital, but can take up a lot of time. By keeping digital records as the incident happens, your team is able to see the full picture and maintain compliance without wasting unnecessary time on paperwork, resulting in a more efficient way of working. 

At Synapse, we know that a connected security workforce is an effective one. By encouraging a culture of communication and awareness, companies can protect their personnel, assets, and locations properly.

Our platform is fully customisable to suit your organisation, from forms to functionality. Get in touch with us today to find out how incident reporting can work for your business.

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