Insight: Your Employees Need Protection – Regardless of Location

15th February 2018

At Synapse, we work with many companies that need the highest levels of security technology at every location. In these cases, it’s your job as an employer to offer your workforce the best protection against threats. This is a multifaceted task, and requires you to take many different things into account.

When considering your security solution, you need to be able to answer the following questions:

Do you know where your employees are?

Ensuring the safety of your workforce begins with this simple but important question. If you’re not aware of where each member of your team is, you can’t be certain of their safety. Synapse uses location tracking technology to ensure that everybody is accounted for. This includes GPS monitoring to keep tabs on your employees as they patrol. In cases where certain locations carry different risk levels, you can use Synapse to create geo-fences, alerting staff of the situation in real time when they enter or exit an area.

Do you know what is happening around you?

Intelligence is your most important tool when it comes to equipping and protecting your workforce. It takes constant work to collect data from multiple sources to have a consistently complete report of the environment. Synapse uses location-based intelligence to putt data from an internal database and a number of third party sources specific to each locations, offering analysts a full picture of the potential threats and risks at that time. 

Can you contact them quickly when you need to?

In the event of an incident, you need to be able to get in touch with your workforce immediately no matter where they are. By utilising a multi-method messaging service, it’s possible to reach your team in real-time, via SMS, MMS, in-app chat messages, combined with user confirmation for full accountability. These can be tailored to appear dependent on location, job title and access level, so the people who need to be informed are always up-to-date.

Are you upholding your duty of care?

As an employer, especially one that deals with security, you have a Duty of Care to offer your employees the best possible protection against major incidents, threats and risks. By equipping your workforce with the tools they need to be aware of their surroundings, report issues quickly and easily, and send SOS alerts when they need help, you’re providing them with the best possible protection.

The best solution for any employer who wants to uphold their duty of care and provide a high level of protection to their workforce is a technology-based solution like Synapse. It offers the intelligence, tracking, and communications that you need, in a scalable solution to suit any organisation.

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