Better understand location data trends & relationships

11th June 2019

Powerful Mapping Integrations

It’s said that highly data-driven organisations are three times more likely to report “significant improvement in decision-making” according to PwC research. Incident reporting is just one of many areas where businesses can use facts to make better decisions, but data goes far beyond recording the most common types of incidents.

Accessing location data can be incredibly important, allowing management teams to view a clear picture of the potential threats and risks to various locations. For many enterprises it can prove to be frustratingly time-consuming to extract location data from an endless list of incident reports, especially today where there’s a greater urgency for real-time reporting on incidents. Synapse combines incident reporting, data collation, intelligence gathering and analysis to optimise decision making, but right at the heart of this powerful risk management platform are two flawless mapping integrations:

Google Enterprise Mapping

Renowned for its accurate real-time data, extensive coverage (99% coverage of the world) and dynamic imagery, Google Enterprise Mapping can help businesses spot trends in the data they’ve collected and solve countless operational challenges.


Designed to help businesses work smarter, ARC GiS allows decision-makers to view data and better understand it using interactive maps. With sophisticated data-driven styles and intuitive analysis tools, high quality quantitative data ensures trends and relationships can be identified. You can also apply Smart Mapping styles to make your data visually stunning, allowing you to better understand relationships and spot trends.

How Synapse makes full use of mapping APIs

Using the APIs to its full advantage, Synapse allows enterprises to quickly and easily deploy layers and features, such as viewing symbols and classifications, forming the basis for geographical analysis. With a choice of pins, radius, polygons or geo-fences, you’re able to trigger specific actions or record points of interest during an incident. Specialist Mapping Developers are on hand to build custom solutions too, so Zinc’s all-embracing incident reporting platform Synapse can be tailored to an organisation’s exacting requirements – confronting incidents with accurate evidence being captured, whilst presenting location data in a compliant way for auditing and analysis. Not only does this lead to a streamlined process, but it also results in greater success in investigation, action and closure.

For added flexibility, you can pay for use of mapping integrations on a pay-per-use basis, so you’re guaranteed scaled access.

Discover the power of Synapse for yourself

Synapse is regularly used by corporate offices, distribution centres, government, healthcare, leisure facilities and retail stores, so if you’re looking to better capture specific information in real-time and enable resources and actions to be deployed in a streamlined, prompt and efficient manner, you can request a demo by calling +44 (0)1604 598999. Alternatively, please email and our friendly team will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss our needs in more detail.

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