Insight: Successfully Taking Your Company Through A Digital Transformation

23rd May 2018

A Digital Transformation is the introduction of new digital technologies into an environment that had none. It can mean a multitude of things to different companies. Netflix underwent a digital transformation when their offering changed from physical rentals to online streaming. Similarly, 20th Century Fox implemented a cloud-based communication system that allowed their hundreds of shareholders in different locations to collaborate. A Digital Transformation is, put broadly, the decision to adapt and improve your business into an innovative place.

In the case of Synapse, the Digital Transformation your company will undergo is an internal one. Introducing our technology to your workforce represents a fundamental shift in the way your company works.

The Synapse team have helped launch our app to user groups in a range of industries.

Understand what Digital Transformation means for your business

Each business, and therefore each transformation, is different. Before you begin anything, you’ll need to understand what your business truly needs from the technology you’re implementing. This can be everything from the productivity or security concerns you have, to the way that your company currently handles technology. Requirements won’t just be technical, and considering exactly what the end goal is will help to reach it efficiently.

Communicate Consistently With Your Staff

As early as you possibly can, inform your workforce of the changes that will be implemented. In the case of a company-wide change in process, it can take time for your employees to get used to the idea of change and be receptive to it. By keeping them in the loop regarding the decisions you’ve made, they’ll feel like a part of the process. After launch, listen to any issues or concerns and address them with transparency and training.

Train Regularly & Thoroughly

The key to a successful launch is education. Without an understanding not only of the technology that you’ll be implementing but the goals behind the changes, your workforce don’t have the tools they need to adapt. With technology like Synapse, you’ll be able to show just how their requirements have been listened to and provided for.

Test With A Soft Release

Even the best laid plans can have some teething problems. Instead of discovering these when your app it being used by your entire workforce, launch it to a smaller sector as a test run. This can be whoever you see fit; one location, one department, or even just a select few members of staff. It’s the people who’ll be using the technology every day who can give the best feedback.

Monitor and Manage Performance

Once your app has been fully launched, you’ll be able to view insights into the way it’s being used. You’ll be able to monitor the number of reports from both specific locations and specific users to see where further training may be required.

Technology is transformative. It changes the way we sell, interact with customers and businesses alike, and operate our businesses on a daily basis. Every company wants to be at the forefront of technology, but it’s those who make a proactive effort who are successful in achieving that goal.

A Digital Transformation does not simply change the technology that’s used on a daily basis. It can change the way your workforce do their job, interact with their colleagues, and begin to innovate themselves. With this in place, a digital transformation becomes about more than technology.

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