Government Digital Outcomes and Specialists approved

Synapse works with some of the biggest names in both private and public sectors, providing a way to keep employees, customers and assets protected from threats. As part of our dedication to security, we maintain strict standards to keep our own data and processes secure. As part of this, we make sure that we’re able to offer high quality software to government bodies.

Zinc Digital, and by extension Synapse, are delighted to have been awarded with Government recognition as an approved supplier for Digital Outcomes and Specialists within the Digital Marketplace. In order to gain this, we were required to adhere to a strict code of practice that included high levels of security for all of our clients.

We’re now able to:

Provide specialist digital skills

If government bodies require the services of our developers or user researchers, we’re able to supply qualified specialists who are familiar with the complexities of working with clients such as these.

Be your project team for a digital outcome

We have the training and resources to support local authorities with one-off digital outcomes, such as providing an accessibility audit or a booking system for their services.

Implement and manage your digital research

The Synapse team can safely source people from specific user groups to test your service and manage a research process from start to finish.

Implement and manage your cloud hosting, software and support

For intranets, portals, content delivery networks and more, our secure cloud hosting has been proven to offer reliable, safe hosting for government bodies and local authorities.

If you’re a government body searching for a trustworthy provider for any of your digital services, join the thousands of businesses going to the Digital Marketplace for a solution. By using a recognised, authorised provider such as Zinc and Synapse, you’re protecting your users from risk of serious data breach.

Whether you’re looking for digital recruitment technology, business and infrastructure improvements, streamline of processes or have specific requirements for digital research, contact us today to talk more.

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