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Our Marketplace is designed to empower organisations by providing easy access to a range of public APIs that enhance functionality, streamline operations, and drive innovation.

We understand the importance of robust incident and critical event management in today’s fast-paced world. That’s why our Marketplace offers a curated selection of APIs focused on reliability, scalability, and security. Whether you’re looking to bring data into one place, improve automation and communication, accelerate  response times, or harness powerful analytics, Zinc Marketplace has the tools you need.

Key benefits

    • Integrated all your systems to provide a single pane of glass for all your critical data.
    • Utilise out-the-box integrations
    • Build your own integrations by accessing our open architecture APIs.
    • Export incidents and critical events out of our platform to 3rd party systems.
    • Manage your users via SSO and use our user service API for full management.
    • Import incident and critical events into our platform such as:
      • Public reporting portals
      • Smart building connected devices/sensors
      • Physical security system alarms
      • Body cameras / CCTV footage via the file service
      • Location tracker alerts
      • Artificial intelligence
      • Integrated threat intelligence feeds or alerts
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Discover a wide range of APIs tailored to enhance and streamline critical event management systems.

Integrate our APIs into your existing infrastructure with minimal disruption & maximum compatibility.

Leverage cutting-edge technologies to create leading solutions and advance your capabilities.

Ensure robust protection with top-tier security measures designed to safeguard your data and operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Join leading businesses that have transformed their incident and critical event management systems with the Zinc Marketplace. Explore our APIs today and start building a more connected and efficient platform tailored to your needs. Explore, integrate, and innovate with Zinc!

  • Diverse API Selection: From real-time notifications to advanced data analytics, find APIs that fit your specific needs.
  • Easy Integration: Our APIs are designed for seamless integration, ensuring you can get up and running quickly without disrupting existing operations.
  • Scalable Solutions: As your needs grow, our APIs scale with you, providing the reliability and performance you expect.
  • Security at the Forefront: We prioritise your data security with stringent protocols and best practices, ensuring your integrations are safe and secure.
  • Expert Support: Our team of experts is always ready to assist you with any questions or challenges you may encounter.


By following these steps, you can effectively integrate Zinc Marketplace APIs into your critical event management platform, enhancing its capabilities and offering a more robust service to your users. Always ensure that you stay updated with the latest API developments and marketplace changes to maintain a smooth and efficient integration.

To get started with integrating our public APIs from the Marketplace into systems, follow these introductory steps to ensure a successful integration:

1. Understanding the API Offerings

  • Registration: Complete the integration partner questionnaire to get things formalised.
  • Explore API Documentation: Begin by reviewing the available documentation on the Marketplace. This will provide you with details on what APIs are available, their functionalities, and how they can be integrated into your systems.
  • Ask Questions: We may already have the integration you are looking for, which will speed up the process.
  • Identify Relevant APIs: Depending on your platform's needs, identify which APIs are most relevant for enhancing your critical event management capabilities. This could include APIs for pushing in incidents, critical events, alarms, users or exporting data into a business intelligence system for analysis.

2. Accessing the APIs

  • Authentication: As part of the registration process we'll create an account for you to utilise on the Marketplace and obtain authentication credentials such as API keys. These are essential for making secure API calls.
  • Understanding Rate Limits and Quotas: Be aware of any limitations on the number of API calls you can make within a certain time frame, as this can affect how you integrate and use the APIs in your applications.

3. Integration Process

  • API Client Setup: Set up API clients in your development environment to interact with the APIs. This involves configuring the base URLs and endpoints - call the APIs at appropriate times, handle responses, and process data.
  • Testing: Thoroughly test the integration in a development or staging environment before rolling it out in production. Ensure that error handling and data flow are working as expected.

4. Ongoing Management and Optimisation

  • Monitor API Usage: Keep an eye on how your systems are utilising the APIs. Monitoring tools can help track performance, usage rates, and detect anomalies.
  • Update and Maintain: Regularly update your API integration as needed to adapt to any changes in the API specifications or new features released in the Zinc Marketplace.

5. Getting Support

  • Utilise Support Channels: If you encounter any issues or have questions during the integration process, make use of the support channels provided by Zinc. This could include documentation, technical support, or dedicated product managers.

6. Compliance and Security

  • Ensure Compliance: Make sure that your API usage complies with both the marketplace’s policies and any relevant legal regulations concerning data privacy and security.
  • Secure Integration: Implement best practices for securing API communications, such as using HTTPS, managing sensitive data correctly, and validating API responses to prevent security vulnerabilities.