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Custom response forms

Response forms allow you to capture additional data forms inside or outside of the workflow. Response forms provides you with the ability to build custom forms that can be assigned to incident categories and completed at anytime and regularly.

Key benefits

  • Out-the-box response forms include the capture of witness statements, vehicle details, injuries, root cause analysis, decision logs and location intel.
  • Create unlimited responsive forms using visual builder.
  • Use response forms inside or outside the workflow and allow multiple submissions.
  • Collate all responses and generate report.
  • Customise the list of response forms.
  • Trigger automated emails to specific groups on submission.
  • Use response forms to escalate additional actions.
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Gathering and organising additional structured data to support processes and provided a coherent dataset for analysis.

Adaptable forms designed to capture varied responses & requirements, ensuring versatility and precision in data collection.

Enables aggregation of diverse feedback by supporting the inclusion of numerous responses within a single framework.

Automatically initiates predefined actions or workflows upon the submission of a response form, enhancing efficiency.

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Response form configuration

Build forms dynamically.

Assign response forms to critical event categories and complete with ease.

Assign response forms to question answers within the workflow.

Configure the response form lists to display the data you need to see.

Trigger the launch of a response form when a specific answer to a question in the workflow is answered.

Complete response forms outside of the workflow independently for capturing other specific data.

Form will allow for multiple submissions.

Export form data with ease.

Trigger notifications based on response form submissions.

Response form display of captured data

Create custom lists of response forms and specify which columns of data you wish to display.

Preview response form submission.

Plot response forms on a location via a point, line or polygon.

Response form querying.

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