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Custom event detail templates

Every type of critical event, incident or activity needs something slightly different – you can build customised event detail templates on a per category basis just like you would a Dashboard! This capability allows you to adjust the display interface, layout, content and available features to meet your organisational process requirements. For example on a ‘Alarm’ event can have a different layout and tool set compared to a ‘Health & Safety’ incident or ‘Audit’ or ‘Security & Crime’ incident.

Key benefits

  • A very flexible framework enabling you to display just what you need!
  • Simplify or add more complexity to your management detail templates.
  • Provide teams with all of the customised context needed to drive highly intelligent, rapid and scalable response to different types of events.
  • Customise your requirements to allow effective collaboration between user groups.
  • Optimise analysts work.
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Enables specific adjustments to the event templates - tailoring features and designs to meet a diverse range of events and types of users.

Streamline and simplify template design, removing unnecessary elements to enhance clarity and user experience.

Modular interface components that can be easily added to templates to enhance functionality and interactivity.

Designed for intuitive interaction, blending aesthetics and functionality to simplify complex information or processes.

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Customisation of event details templates

Create detail pages per incident category with customisation of layout.

Within each detail page add sub-pages with customised names, icons and content.

User interface provides vertical tabs to display key segregated data linked to the incident (based on category)

Within each sub-page, create tabs to provide further details and context.

Horizontal inner tabs displayed within the vertical tabs providing quick access to more detailed information and resources

Show and hide tabs based on answers to questions

Detail pages have a near realtime automated refresh to ensure multiple team members can collaborate and access the latest data.

Template widgets

Text - adding of static text and with the adding of codexes to pull in dynamic data/content from the event reports.

Map - standard, satellite and 3D imagery (if available in the area).

Location of event - with layers to show other events, people and locations.

List - view of supporting data sets such as files, notes, notifications, involved parties, tasks, response forms and linked events.

Grid - view of supporting data sets such as files and involved parties.

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